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Topic: Shadow Speed ability

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  • Shadow Speed ability

    Does this ability enable you to ignore the effects of rolling a '1' for attack speed for certain enemies such as 'Flay'

  • Re: Shadow Speed ability

    Yes, with shadow speed you can change the result of any [1] result for attack speed. This would allow you to avoid Flay's maelstrom effect (for speed rolls anyway).

    Don't forget to note the errata to this ability:

    Shadow speed (mo): When rolling for your attack speed, all results of [1] can be changed to a [3].

    Changed from a speed ability to a modifier ability.

    Guess you made it to Act 3 then!

  • Re: Shadow Speed ability

    Does Shadow speed apply to all dice for every round? It seems like it might apply to all dice, but just in one round.

  • Re: Shadow Speed ability

    Yep, the ability is active in every round, when rolling for attack speed.

  • Re: Shadow Speed ability

    Wowzers. So I would never roll a 1...

  • Re: Shadow Speed ability

    The ability text is: all results of [1] can be changed to a [3], so it is still a player's decision. While I can't think of an immediate example off-hand, there may be abilities or special conditions that require a [1] to trigger, so the player has the choice not to change the [3]. For the benefit of the app, I would make it automatic I think.

    The ability is balanced by the shadow stalker's weaker second ability. It also gives a player more options for gear if they wish to drop speed in favor of brawn or armor items.

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