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Topic: Career switching

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  • Career switching


    Congratulations on a great review in SciFi-Now. It looks like word is starting to spread. I hope that means DQ will be massively successful and us fans will get loads more books!

    I have a rules question that I'm hoping someone can clear up.

    I understand I can only have one career at a time but I can switch at "any time providing I have found the relevant career trainer or object".

    If I learnt the gladiator career and then I took the ranger career, then in act 3 I wanted to switch back to gladiator, can I? Or can I only learn a career if I am able to speak to the trainer/visit the numbered entry?

  • Re: Career switching

    As I understand it you can only learn the career when you speak to the trainer or pick up an object, like one of the mage talismans. I don't think you can just keep swapping whenever you want. At least I hope not because I never played that way!

  • Re: Career switching

    Yes, that is correct Typhon. You can switch careers but only when they are offered to you as an option in the text.

  • Re: Career switching

    Does it imply that I can swith back to Cavalier a couple of times during Act3, if defeat two more times Caeleb in duel?
    The encounter takes place at Redguard's camp, so it could be theoretically repeated as many times as I wish (even for the mere pleasure of wiping the floor with Caeleb's cloak).

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