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Topic: Typhon

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  • Typhon

    Hi boys and girls!


    Path: Warrior
    Career: Cavalier
    Bonus title: Champion of Light (Bright shield)
    Speed: 16
    Brawn: 14
    Magic: 0
    Armour: 15

    Head: Brain infusers (2 speed 3 armour lightning)
    Cloak: Valiant spaulders (2 speed 2 armour overpower)
    Gloves: Gauntlets of the fallen (3 brawn 2 armour fallen hero)
    Chest: Plate of the fallen (2 speed 4 armour fallen hero)
    Feet: Twisted treads (2 speed 2 brawn trickster)

    Main hand: Retribution (3 speed 6 brawn feral fury)
    Left hand: Parasitic plate (2 speed 4 armour leech)

    Talisman: Blinding dust (1 speed deceive)
    Necklace: Horn of courage (1 speed 1 brawn courage)
    Ring: Witchwood thorn (1 brawn thorns)
    Ring: Tooth n claw (1 speed 1 brawn sideswipe)

    An ok build but not easy with the act 3 legendarys or the final two quests of act 3. I couldn’t really do enough damage on malcontent or wear down chilblain and the pillars. I chose cavalier because it suited what equipment I had at time. Perhaps should have kept ranger, ick!
    Look forward to easier ride with rogue or mage!

  • Re: Typhon

    Your warrior looks good to me typhon. I found that they were hard to play too, but i chose gladiator which I think is one of the hardest ones. I'm having a go with a rogue and its so far turned out to be a lot of fun. might be worth chosing that for your next run

  • Re: Typhon

    I'm thinking of playing mage. I like the rather insane looking pyromancer. Very cool artwork and potentially OP abilities

  • Re: Typhon

    Funny. I played a pyro but now playing a cavalier. I want to swap for an inquisitor if i get the chance. I think my warrior is easier so far than my mage, but I've been choosing brawn and speed over armour so maybe that is helping.

  • Re: Typhon

    Brought my hero up to date based on my new equipment. I had been hoping to lose armour and pile on some brawn but the items didn't really seem to fit with me. I went for the shield from the decayer special achievement as leech could be a very useful ability. Also nice to have the added speed.

    And who can resist a +6 brawn sword. Torn between that and primal gauntlets, but the sword gave me a better stat boost and feral fury is better than impale. Enjoyed the end quest a lot. Not easy, but I didn't cheat..... although depends if you count repeating the decayers for the SA cheating >

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