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Topic: Pick a pocket or two :P

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  • Pick a pocket or two :P

    Well I did it............

    Name: Jinxed Path: rogue Career: pickpocket
    Stats: 16 Speed, 28 Brawn, Armor 0

    Head: Budak’s blindfold 2s 3b second sight
    Cloak: Nemesis shroud 2s 3b dark pack
    Gloves: Bracelet of fury 1s 4b adrenaline
    Chest: Confessors coat 2s 4b fortitude
    Feet: Marsh stalker 2s 3b sideswipe

    Main hand: Talanosts edge 3s 5b sear
    Left hand: Serenity 2s 4b deep wound
    Talisman: Blinding dust 1s deceive

    Necklace: Ghouls teeth 1s piercing
    Ring: Zul’s zapper 1b 1m zapped
    Ring: Leader of the pack 1b dominate

    Gold at end of game: 2765g (before buying Waldo gear)

  • Re: Pick a pocket or two :P

    Grats mate! That can't have been easy. Did loot master make the difference in the end then? You have really nice gear so I guess so. I've nearly finished the last act with my berserker. Its going ok but I wish he had your speed and brawn!

  • Re: Pick a pocket or two :P

    Yowsers! So its you is who stealing all the epix!
    I made a new account as i can't access my old one. wasn't getting a reset email either. Didn't someone else have that problem once? Any way this is me

  • Re: Pick a pocket or two :P

    That's a relief - two noob sauces to deal with would have been waaay too much! ;0) That is a good hero build, Myrthh. Congratulations. And you have the same brawn as my mighty inquisitor. I wonder what the maximum brawn a hero can have. 30?

  • Re: Pick a pocket or two :P

    It wasn't too tough but parts of act 2 were frustrating. I always seem to struggle on the same fights there. Act 3 was quite easy. It is good being able to choose more rewards, it gives you more chance to get higher stats and the abilities you want. The downside is youare missing two good combat abilities.

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