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Topic: Doc in the house

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  • Doc in the house

    Hello! This is my medic hero at long last. I played through the book another time to improve on my first mage. I wanted to try getting as many heal items as I could (2 regrowths, life spark) so that with mend I can stand up to whatever comes my way. I still think there is room for improvement! x

    Name: Wilma
    Career: Medic
    Vital statistics: 13 speed, 25 magic, 0 brawn, 4 armour

    Head: Crown of ice (2sp 3ma) Barbs
    Gloves: Hydra-scaled fists (3ma 2ar) Regrowth
    Chest: Slipstream gown (2sp 4ma) Overload
    Cloak: Slipstream silk (3sp 2ma) Surge
    Boots: Velvet slippers (1sp 3ma) Haste

    Main hand: Frost burn (2sp 4ma) Piercing
    Left hand: Torment (2sp 4ma) Disease
    Talisman: Lady of the lamp (1a) Medic career: tourniquet, mend

    Necklace: Vermillion heart (1sp) Life spark
    Ring: Martyr’s blood (1ma 1ar) Martyr
    Ring: Mender’s marcasite (1ma) Regrowth

  • Re: Doc in the house

    Nice. Were you not tempted into taking The Morgue for the leech ability? That would have given you an extra "heal" when you deal any damage.

  • Re: Doc in the house

    I could see medics suddenly becoming very popular if there is some kind of co-op play in future books. I'd have taken morgue for that build and the wand for critical strike (two sixes would give you an automatic life spark).

  • Re: Doc in the house

    Doubt it will be popular. Mend is the only spell that a medic can cast on an ally. if they could cast their regrowth and heals on someone else then it would be good, but as they can't I think dps builds will always be better.

  • Re: Doc in the house

    I was a bit in a quandary about the Morgue and its leech ability. If I had chosen that I would have lost one of my nice passives, which is good when battling against lots of foes. Barbs is good and I kept disease to make it 3 damage a round to my main foe and 1 a round to all others. My only complaint about this game is that all the abilities are so useful I want them all, its torture!

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