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Topic: Pwning u noobs

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  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    The way of the warrior is the only way to go ;-)
    Warriors=pro rogues=easy mode

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    warriors are pro I added my berserker hero to my first post.
    next I’m trying mage and doing a hardcore mode of only 1 life to see where I get. Wish me luck

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Good going Blazzor! Yes, good luck with the hardcore mode - I'll be interested to see how far you get ;)

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    I'm placing a bet you don't get through act 2. Perhaps you should avoid the legendary monsters and dragons in that section

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    i make sure i have bckpack full of vanish potions. They'll never see me coming heh

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    I'd laugh if you get flattened by the scarecrow

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