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Topic: Pwning u noobs

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  • Pwning u noobs

    Name: Sillidan
    Path: rogue
    Career: assassin (first strike, deadly poisons)
    Stats: 16 speed 22 brawn 0 armour

    Head: Budak’s blindfold (2sp 3br second sight)
    Cloak: Kaggador’s cloak (2sp 2br savagery)
    Gloves: Reaper’s fists (1sp 3br critical strike)
    Chest: Funeral wraps (2sp 3br bleed)
    Feet: Marsh stalkers (2sp 3 br sideswipe)

    Main hand: Mortician scalpel (3sp 4 br disease)
    Left hand: Spite (2sp 3br venom)

    Talisman: Grimm ichor (1sp poison mastery +2 to venom)

    Necklace: Ghouls teeth (1sp piercing)
    Ring: Finger of fire (1br sear)
    Ring: Circle of thorns (thorns)

    Notes: Passive damage is 8 a round….I shoulda kept fire aura to make it 9. First strike means I do 8 a round straight off even if I lose round, which I never do Burn through mobs easy

    Name: Krimson
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Berserker (raining blows, seeing red)
    Stats: 15 speed 20 brawn 7 armour
    Head: Brain infusers (2sp 3ar lightning)
    Cloak: Nemesis shroud (2sp 3br dark pact)
    Gloves: Bracelet of fury (1sp 4br adrenaline)
    Chest: Pacemaker (1sp 4ar kick start)
    Feet: Heralds spurs (2sp 1br charge)

    Main hand: Blood crescent (3sp 5br cleave)
    Left hand: Dragonslayer (2sp 4br deep wound)

    Talisman: Tigers fury (1sp berserker)

    Necklace: Glacial shards (1sp 1br piercing)
    Ring: Leader of the pack (1br dominate)
    Ring: Lupine lapis (1br bleed)
    Backpack: Arthurian horn / elixir of life / fluffy dice / elixir of swiftness

    Notes: My berserker hero. Was more fun than playing my rogue in the end I really liked the speed boost of seeing red and the smile on my face of getting sixes for raining blows. Toughest fight was againt the dragon I used forest dew and trolls blood to get through it for the sword. Kickstart should be on every berserker list, an automatic heal on death and puts you right back into seeing red. Awesome! Berseker my favourite career so far.


    Name: Kastor
    Path: Mage
    Career: Icelock (ice shards, ice shield)
    Stats: 15 speed 25 magic 2 armour

    Head: Crown of ice (2sp 3ma barbs)
    Cloak: Slipsteam silk (3sp 2ma surge)
    Gloves: Abattoirs gloves(1sp 4ma bleed)
    Chest: Slipstream gown (2sp 4ma overload)
    Feet: rune forge greaves (2sp 2ma)

    Main hand: Frost burn (2sp 4ma piercing)
    Left hand: Torment (2sp 4ma disease)

    Talisman: Winters heart(1a icelock)
    Necklace: eye of shadow (1sp haste)
    Ring: spider sapphire (1m 1a) webbed
    Ring: knights rose (1br 1ma martyr)
    Backpack: arthurian’s horn/flask of healing x3

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    ughhh shouldnt post when tired long since I play rogue, numbers were wrong. (I almost done act3 with warrior now, so I post that when I finished)

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Am I the only warrior worried by these end game rogue builds? Seems to me they are very fast and hit HARD. I know that rogues are traditionally DPS-heavy melee monsters but I don't reckon my warrior could go toe to toe with one of these and do much harm. I worry about game balancing in the future; can warrior (and mage?) builds compete with this?

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    These rogues have no armour and lower health, remember that With the right counters they will face a tough fight. This build is good tho. Passive damage is a real pain in the butt.

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    I find it much harder playing a warrior but more interesting and rewarding. Warrs have more options imo

  • Re: Pwning u noobs

    Thought u were rogue all the way blazzor

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