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Topic: Rogue to start Wrath of Ragnarok

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  • Rogue to start Wrath of Ragnarok

    As it's been four years since I played Raiders of the Dune Sea, I decided to replay it to reacquaint myself with the story. Here is my new character.

    Name: Prodigal
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Tomb Robber

    Speed: 10 Brawn: 20 (plus Sure Edge and lots of passives) Armour: 3 Health: 52

    Head - Gloom Cover +1Sp, +2Br (Gloom)
    Cloak - Sucker Punch +1Sp, +2Br (Blood Mark)
    Gloves - Razor Light +1Sp, +2Br (Blind, Gouge)
    Chest - Black Quills (+ Geck Scales, Eluminium Plate, Ravenger Jaw) +1Sp, +2Br, +2Ar (Haste)
    Feet - Sun Dog Striders +2Sp, +4Br (Sneak, Sideswipe)
    Main Hand - Vermillion Scales (dagger) +1Sp, +3Br (Virulence)
    Left Hand - Baleen Tine (dagger) +2p, +2Br (Bleed, Gouge)
    Talisman - Jonah’s Compass +1Sp, +3health (Surefooted, Charm)
    Necklace - Wind Whispers +1Br, +2health (Trickster)
    Ring 1 - Shaper’s Mark +1Br (Sure Edge)
    Ring 2 - Empusa's Eye +1Br, +1 Armour +2 Health (Glyph of Life)

    Other Abilities - Piercing, Spark Daggers, Freerunner, Toxic Blades, Improved Misdirection, From Shadows, Shadow Well, Seraph’s Protection

    Augments - 2x Perception, Aggression
    Pet - Mechanical Scorpion (with Potent Stinger)

    Reputation: Hinba +6, Cabal +6, Sun Dogs +2, Griglo +3, Silk Merchant +8

    Now I am normally all about the speed, but the Sun Dog Striders (new loot card)are so good (3 extra brawn and sneak ability which turns a lost combat round into a win)
    that I keep Raider’s Perch (plus ambulatory pads) +3Sp, +1Br (Somersault) in the vault to swap into if speed is really needed (e.g. for a challenge).

    Looking at the loot cards for Wrath of Ragnarok I decided to upgrade my chest item as it looks like it will be a long way into the book before chest items become really decent.

    I did this build to maximise passive damage and with bleed, gouge, blood mark, toxic blades, spark daggers and virulence it certainly does. I have chosen to keep Shadow Burst (left hand - flintlock) +2Sp, +2Br (Blind, Vanish) and Gallow Splinters (Cloak) +1Sp, +2Br (Immobolise) in the vault in case my opponent is immune to passives.

    The vault also has Haggler’s Pride (ring).

    Looking forward to starting Wrath of Ragnarok!

  • Re: Rogue to start Wrath of Ragnarok

    I'm loving this and the explanation for your choices. I don't think you are going to have too much trouble powering your way through Wrath of Ragnarok. Also pleased you are making use of some of the new 'legendary' items from the Kickstarter!

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