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Topic: League of Noob

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  • Re: League of Noob

    Name: Gecko
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Thief
    Stats: 16 speed, 24 brawn, 0 armour

    Head: Gore mask – mangle (2 speed 3 brawn)
    Cloak: Patchedwork pulp – slick (2 speed 2 brawn)
    Gloves: Deft hands– steal, stun (1 speed 2 brawn)
    Chest: Brace of fury – critical strike (2 speed 3 brawn)
    Feet: Slime skimmers – webbed (2 speed 2 brawn)
    Main hand: Abandoned hope – gut ripper (3 speed 4 brawn)
    Left hand: Kraka’s vengeance – piercing, frostbite (2 speed 5 brawn)
    Talisman: Lightning whetstone– sure edge (1 speed)
    Necklace: Dreamcatcher – immobilise, charm, charm, savagery, (1 speed)
    Ring: Tangleknot– barbs +1 brawn (1 brawn 1 magic)
    Ring: Lycanth’s teeth – bleed, vanish (1 brawn)

    Extra skills: Back stab, Cutpurse, Prophecy, Demon claws, Demon spines

    Only need knockdown for my Back stab set

  • Re: League of Noob

    Name: Rushmore
    Path: Mage
    Career: Rune caster
    Stats: 14 speed, 29 magic, 4 armour

    Head:Kraka’s crown – command (2 speed 5 magic)
    Cloak: Drakeskin epaulets – backdraft (2 speed 4 magic)
    Gloves: Gloves of the firmament– resolve (1 speed 4 magic)
    Chest: Titan forge hauberk – thorn armour (2 speed 3 armour)
    Feet: Ixion’s shackles – immobilise (2 speed 3 magic)
    Main hand: Oculus – lightning, focus (2 speed 5 magic)
    Left hand: B for banshee – windblast (2 speed 4 magic)
    Talisman: Lichstone– rune caster (1 magic)
    Necklace: Obsidian shard – piercing, wisdom, vanish (1 speed)
    Ring: Harvester – regrowth, charm, heal +1 magic (2 brawn 2 magic)
    Ring: Abyssal firestone – fire aura (1 armour 2 health)

    Extra skills: Refresh, Magic tap, Prophecy, Demon claws, Demon spines

  • Re: League of Noob

    * that took forever

  • Re: League of Noob

    Some nice characters there. You like Witchfinders and Pyromancer's it seems!

    So far my favourite career of all that I've played across both books is the Necromancer. I've played an Alchemist, Pickpocket, Shadowstalker, Pyromancer, Necromancer, Gladiator, Brigand, Drake, Pilgrim, Venommancer and I am currently playing a Ranger for the first time.

    Did you not have a Warrior to share at all or did you never wish to play that path?

  • Re: League of Noob

    they died horribly at least in Los. got a monk at act 2 of Hof and want to finish with him before we get the new book

  • Re: League of Noob

    I know what you mean - my first attempt at HoF was with a Warrior (Drake) and I almost gave up as it was such a struggle (being Hexed for most of the game didn't help, either! ) I did manage to squeeze out a win by the skin of my teeth but the experience was more tiring that satisfactory. In contrast, I breezed through HoF with my Rogue Venommancer.

    I'm now on my second attempt at LoS with a Warrior (first attempt failed miserably) and I'm doing much better this time round (almost finished the book!). I would say that Act 2 of LoS is really, really difficult for Warriors. I don't recall struggling as much with my Rogue and my Mage.

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