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Topic: League of Noob

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  • League of Noob

    my witchfinder (end of act3)

    Name: Fandango
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Witchfinder
    Stats: 15 speed, 22 Brawn, 3 Armour

    Head: Brain infusers – lightning (2 speed 3 armour)
    Cloak: Nemesus shroud – dark pact (2 speed 3 brawn)
    Gloves: Reaper's fists – critical strike (1 speed 3 brawn)
    Chest: Shadow bindings – evade (2 speed 3 brawn)
    Feet: Marsh stalkers – sideswipe (2 speed 3 brawn)

    Main hand: Serenity - deep wound (2 speed 4 brawn)
    Left hand: Ice splinter – piercing (2 speed 4 brawn)

    Talisman: Tiger’s heart – cat’s speed –(1 speed)

    Necklace: Eye of shadow – haste (1 speed)
    Ring: Lupine Lapis – bleed (1 brawn)
    Ring: leader of the pack – dominate (1 brawn)

    Notes: my hand broke typing all this!!

  • Re: League of Noob

    Some good gear! Not bad for a noob! ;P

  • Re: League of Noob

    Thx rolling a mage next

  • Re: League of Noob

    here is my mage:

    Name: Bad Ash
    Path: Mage
    Career: Pyromancer
    Stats: 14 speed, 26 magic, 2 armour

    Head:Morgue – leech (2 speed 4 magic)
    Cloak: Slipstream silks – surge (3 speed 2 magic)
    Gloves:Bracelet of fire– embers (1 speed 3 magic)
    Chest: Slipstream gown – overload (2 speed 4 magic)
    Feet: Boots of shielding – deflect (2 speed 1 armour)

    Main hand: Tempest’s fury – wind blast (2 speed 5 magic)
    Left hand: Torment – disease (2 speed 4 magic)

    Talisman: Core of flame – pyromancer (1 magic)
    Necklace: Diamond of tundra – piercing (1 armour)
    Ring: Band of elements – lightning (2 magic)
    Ring: Menders marcasite – regrowth (1 magic)

    Nothing really special but plays like a dream Ignite with passives is godly. I wanted the chilblain tears necklace but not enough gold. I should have spent longer as an alchemist

  • Re: League of Noob

    Whereabouts do you find the +2magic ring with lightning?

    -- oh I see it is in an earlier post

  • Re: League of Noob

    woooh lots of action on here again gonna stick my heroes up when i get the chance before i lose meh sheets!

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