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Topic: League of Noob

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  • Re: League of Noob

    * that took forever

  • Re: League of Noob

    Some nice characters there. You like Witchfinders and Pyromancer's it seems!

    So far my favourite career of all that I've played across both books is the Necromancer. I've played an Alchemist, Pickpocket, Shadowstalker, Pyromancer, Necromancer, Gladiator, Brigand, Drake, Pilgrim, Venommancer and I am currently playing a Ranger for the first time.

    Did you not have a Warrior to share at all or did you never wish to play that path?

  • Re: League of Noob

    they died horribly at least in Los. got a monk at act 2 of Hof and want to finish with him before we get the new book

  • Re: League of Noob

    I know what you mean - my first attempt at HoF was with a Warrior (Drake) and I almost gave up as it was such a struggle (being Hexed for most of the game didn't help, either! ) I did manage to squeeze out a win by the skin of my teeth but the experience was more tiring that satisfactory. In contrast, I breezed through HoF with my Rogue Venommancer.

    I'm now on my second attempt at LoS with a Warrior (first attempt failed miserably) and I'm doing much better this time round (almost finished the book!). I would say that Act 2 of LoS is really, really difficult for Warriors. I don't recall struggling as much with my Rogue and my Mage.

  • Re: League of Noob

    Almost done hof with monk.

    Warriors in Los. Dunno, they kinda sucked. Tried an armour build but think it was too early (act 2) so got owned. Tried again heading for berserker but I feel rogue and mage much better. I prefer high damage classes. i doubt i will go back to Los now, happy with the heroes i have maybe i go back, I dunno

  • Re: League of Noob

    I finished LoS with my Warrior - he finished as a Cavalier and ended up as a high armour build.... and he was VERY successful. I was careful about choosing equipment which gave me abilities that would interrupt enemy attacks whilst inflicting damage back on my attacker (Overpower, Deflect, Brutality). I also had other abilities that would inflict damage back even if I did get hit (Retaliation, Shield Wall, Lightning). I was able to knock a good chunk of my enemy's health down before I had even actually landed a blow on them myself (and then I had 'Piercing' to help me out)! Shield Spin was a nice ability that helped me to deal random damage fairly regularly as well.

    Anyway - I posted the hero in these forums if you're interested in checking him out (Pavel the Cavalier). Again, Act 2 was a bit of a struggle but once I was in Act 3 and took the Cavalier career, the rest of the book was a breeze. A very unusual style of play with this hero.

    I'd recommend the Cavalier if you ever do decide to have a crack at LoS with a Warrior but my favourite career so far is the Necromancer (like you, I like to deal hefty amounts of damage quickly! )

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