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Topic: Enoch - DQ2

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  • Enoch - DQ2

    My DQ2 character, work in progress, currently @ Act 2, Hardest Quest; Act 2 is not going well, i missed a lot of good items, some wrong choices..

    Most exciting battle so far?
    Act 1: Vs. Reverend (section 168)
    Act 2: Vs
    Act 3: Vs.

    Name: Enoch AKA Sanchen / Bright Claw
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Brigand
    Abilities: War Paint (mo), Pillage (pa)

    Stats: S11/B5/M3/A7/H45

    Head: Eyes of the Serpent +1S/+2A Ability: Hypnotise (mo)
    Cloak: Shade's Mantle +1S/+1B Ability: Trickster (mo)
    Gloves: Phantom Gauntlets +1S/+1A Ability: Curse (sp)
    Chest: Green Blaze +1S/+1B/+1A Ability: Haste (sp) + Slimy Stringy Snot (Dye: +1B)
    Feet: Enchanted Boots +1S/+1A Ability: Heal (mo)

    Main hand: Ceremonial Dagger +2S/+2B/+2M Ability: Bleed (pa)
    Left hand: Rip Spleen +2S/+1B Ability: Bleed (pa)

    Talisman: Lightning Whetsone +1S Ability: Sure Edge (mo)

    Necklace: Hunter's Heart +1S Ability: Savage Call (co)
    Ring: Circle of Storms +1A Ability: Lightning (pa)
    Ring: Grieving Soul +1A Ability: Fire Aurea (pa)

    Abilities: Prophecy (co), Hexed (pa) Removed, Streghten in Numbers (mo) Removed, Demon Claws (pa)

    Notes: Handy's Herbalist Potter's Guide, Meadowsweet, Lemongrass, White Willow, Broken Silver Locket, Household Spirit, Hound's Head, Map of Carvel, Can of Oil, Parchment, Extra Sticky Glue, Boogie's Booster, Wind Guardian, Shadow Shift, Spirit of the Panther, Spirit of the Serpent, Kaala's Fang, South View, Frobisher's Map, Cheira's Paw,

    Gold: 765

    1) Runed Rod
    2) Angelica Wreath, Ability: Holy Protector (pa)
    3) Book of Alpha
    4) Bronze Urn
    5) Sharpening Stone (2 uses), Ability: Sure Edge (mo)

    1) Act 1: Section 168 (Reverend & Ghouls) 2 times
    2) Act 1: Section 392 (Stone Giants & Pillars)
    3) Act 1: Section 208 (Ironclad)
    4) Act 1: Section 163 (Team battle)
    5) Act 2: Section 517 (Mandrills)
    6) Act 2: Section 466 (Bill)
    7) Act 2: Section 643 (Anansi) 3 times, gave up...
    8) Act 2: Section 642 (Sun Maiden) fled...
    9) Act 2: SEction 593 (Lich) fled...

    Keywords: Bones, Sure Blade, Calling, Mixer, Gatherer, Raven, Wiccan, Explorer, Restless
    Keywords removed:

    Act 1 Safehouse:

    Act 2 Safehouse:
    1) Book of Alpha
    2) Rubrica's Cube
    3) Rune Stone

  • Re: Enoch - DQ2

    I have a doubt, about this:
    Section 383, Eyes of the Serpent (Head), ability: Hypnotise (mo).

    Does this ability work for only combat round? Or for all the duration of the combat?

  • Re: Enoch - DQ2

    It's the duration of the whole combat

  • Re: Enoch - DQ2

    Unfortunately the amazing adventures of Enoch ended @ section 672
    the 2nd Sitadell fight is almost impossible for me; i did some wrong choices, lowering too much my Brawn.
    I wanted to try a high armour build but i sacrified many Brawn points, and this lead to being electrocuted a couple of times in the previous battles LOL (1 damage every armour point), and to do little to nothing damage to Sitadell.

    I'll start again in the next days.

  • Re: Enoch - DQ2

    That's a real shame. Yes, I do duly acknowledge that armour builds for warriors are handled poorly in the early books - which is something that is heavily rectified in Book Four (and future books) with more abilities that play off armour.

    Could you try other encounters to get gear and then go back to the Sitadell fight? Perhaps getting the Drake career by doing the Team Battle? (That gives you chestguard or gloves that are high in Brawn - plus career abilities: searing mantle and fiery temper)

  • Re: Enoch - DQ2

    Sitadell (2nd battle) is the impossible fight for me, because i have brawn 5 against 10 even if i win all 8 rounds i will never do enough damages.

    The fault is mine, i tested to the extreme some stats, also i missed the Spirit Hunter career

    The Team battle quest must be played only after have completed the Sitadell quest (Hardest), and all the others are all played.
    But no problems, i will restart it ;)

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