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Topic: Raiders of the Dune Sea Mage

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  • Raiders of the Dune Sea Mage

    Name: Theophilus
    Path: Mage
    Career: Aeronaut (formerly Diviner)
    Stats: Speed 10, Magic 16, Armour 1, Health 57

    Head - Crooked Crown +1sp, +1ar (command)
    Shoulders - Cloak of Embers +1sp, +1ma (fire aura)
    Gloves - Median Clasp +1sp, +2ma (weaver)
    Chest - Spectral Vestment +1sp, +2ma (ghost)
    Feet - Gale Runners (plus ambulatory pads, sable strike and empowered rune) +2sp, +3ma (slipstream, dominate)
    Main Hand - Crackling Spire (staff) +1sp, +3ma (forked strike)
    Left Hand - Swift Crescent (sword) +2sp, +2ma (haste)
    Talisman - Jonah's Compass +1sp, +3 health (surefooted, charm)
    Necklace - Mukunu String, +1ma +1br (sear, charm)
    Ring 1 - Timekeeper (plus runes of weakening and healing) +1ma (sixth sense, healing, curse)
    Ring 2 - Prowler's Ring (plus glyph of life) +1ma, +4 health (evade)

    Didn't use the vault as much this time other than for the useful Haggler's ring (barter) when buying stuff - great for the scarabs from Griglo!

    Abilities - augment, misdirection, shadow well, shroud burst, seraph's protection, plus winds of fate and fists of the storm from Aeronaut Career

    Augments - Perception x2, Mobility

    Faction Reputations: Hinba +6, Cabal +7, Sun Dogs +2, Griglo +4.

    Minions: Fire Sprite, Lightning Spark

    Really enjoyed play-through as a mage, although found I was reluctant to spend magic until I got a way of restoring it e.g. ghost.

  • Re: Raiders of the Dune Sea Mage

    Thanks for sharing, Rougie.

    I think you may have made a mistake somewhere with your 'ancient technology' gains. There are only 5 to be found in the book (and 5 rep needed for tick tock), and the fifth is only obtainable by a rogue, hence the tick-tock career is a rogue only career.

    Only thing I can think of, is that you had a minor or major artifact and recorded it incorrectly? Might be worth checking your sheet.

    I can go through the ancient technology locations if necessary, but that would need to go into the spoiler thread. The one available via the Cabal can only be purchased once remember.

    Otherwise, awesome work!

  • Re: Raiders of the Dune Sea Mage


    Thanks, I have edited. I only changed to a tick-tock before the final battle and it wouldn't have made any difference to that result (in my view the dungeon delves are a bit harder than the final battle).

    Yes, I must have made a mistake in recording and that also explains why the tick-tock career didn't specify a particular path, which I thought was rather unique!


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