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Topic: Legion of Shadows Tank

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  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Also, while it's a bit late now, if you play things right with the dice player in Act 1, you can get more money than you can spend in the game, allowing you to get all the potions/equip you can use.

    For my part, I went with a Mage/Alchemist into Act 2 with the idea of eventually going after SnapJaw and that corrupted seed pod. I can trade that in for what is effectively a 6th Backpack space to use for potions.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    I never looked closely at the results, but I can see how you could win money against the gambler. When you have to put up more money for a second roll, and you've figured out which sections give you an advantage, you can bet more money then. I remember in the first Fabled Lands book, there's a gambling den where the odds are in your favor. Sometimes you'll hit a bad streak and lose everything, but more often than not, you can make unlimited money.

    I also recently went the Mage/Alchemist route and got the Field Kit. Not only did I get 30gp every time I switched equipment, I also found Hal's camera and swapped it for his Gold Dectector. I got 400gp from the fire giant alone, and had over 2,300gp to spend at Waldo's.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    That's really the key, the second roll. It's also good to go into the dice with 100+ gold so getting to the big money doesn't take forever. On the first roll, bet 1 and roll the die. If the roll is a 2-3, bet 1 again. If it's a 4, you can bet a tenth to maybe a quarter of your current stash. If it's a 5, go ahead and bet up to half your current stash. I admit that sometimes I've broken those rules and ended up rich pretty quickly, effectively doubling my stash on 5 rolls, but I've lost everything when that 6 did come up plenty of times too.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    So going into the final battle:

    Spiked Bone Guards +2 sp +2 ar piercing
    Rumrod Helm +1 sp +2 ar Haste
    Banded Bracers +2 br +2 arm Regrowth
    Grim Reaper +3 sp +5 br Brutality
    Breatplate of the Bull +3 br +2 ar Charge
    Dark Tower +2 sp +4 ar Impale
    Dark Therapy +1 sp Regrowth
    Barbarous Boots +2 sp +3 br Savagery
    Beetle Shell Necklace +1 sp Charm
    Magpie's Ring +1 ar Steal
    Ring of the Marshes +1 br +1 ar Swamplegs

    I am a cavalier with a Speed of 12, Brawn of 14, and Armour of 14. I did not trade out a lot of items as there was not much to improve armour in act 3, so i only traded items where my armour was the same but it upped another stat.

    Unfortunately here is where my journey ends. I could not take on any of the Legendary Monsters. A lot in this Act either goes through, armour or damages armour, so my advantage is gone and it doesnt look like ill even make it past the first monster in the boss fight, let alone the whole thing. This is a little disappointing because the reason I decided to play a tank is i have the worst luck in the world when i roll. I mean i will lose 5-6 rounds in a row (and not just due to the speed variance, I will roll under a 4 every. single. time), and i was hoping to try and negate that by holding off some hits. But as i said there isnt really improving armour past my 14 at this point, i think the ice monster could bring it up to 16 but there is no way i can take on all 4 pillars and then the ice mage when i take 4 damage every round, and the monsters all have enough strength to make my armour be worthless anyways.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Sorry to hear that you have hit a dead end. I can see that the problem is speed. The end game monsters are around 14 and 15 speed so you really need to be closer to that threshold to have a chance of success. Looking at your gear, I would have probably upgraded the gloves and the chest piece, as they have no speed. Otherwise, your hero looks to be an excellent build. A couple more points of speed would have made quite the difference.

    Do you still have money you can spend with Waldo? The Raider's Tunic would be an excellent choice and solve a lot of your problems.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    I wonder if Johntfs and I have different editions of the book. In my copy, rolling a 5 puts you in a situation where the odds are against you 5:1, and there is no situation where the odds are ever in your favor.

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