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Topic: Legion of Shadows Tank

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  • Legion of Shadows Tank

    So I am trying to make a tank character in LOS, which is hard to do I guess. I'm sacrificing some brawn for a little speed and some abilities to help negate speed disadvantage.

    End of Act 1

    Travller's Cloak +1 brawn +1 magic ability: charm
    Mauler's Maw +1 speed +1 armor ability: fearless
    Half-digested Gloves +1 brawn +1 armor ability: acid
    Gilbert's Club +3 brawn
    Web-coated Jerkin +1 brawn +1 armor ability: webbed
    Stone Shield +1 speed +2 armor ability: slam
    Demon's Heart +1 speed ability: Trickster
    Boar-hide Boots +1 speed +1 armor ability: steadfast
    Beads of Brilliance +1 brawn +1 magic
    Weather Ring ability: lightning
    Ring of Thorns ability: thorns

    Also, carry as many speed potions as possible.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, I can see the areas you will need to upgrade, such as the cloak, gloves and main hand weapon. If you are restarting Act 2 then you should be able to find some good upgrades in the green quest. (Although, for an end of Act 1 character you are not doing too bad!)

    Sometimes you may have to lose out on some brawn (or armour) in order to get your speed up, but in the long run you will be better off as that speed will help you get better gear.

    You may want to avoid spoilers, but the hero builder on the downloads page can be useful to see what items are available to give you a general idea of where you might locate and acquire upgrades.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    I see you have Speed 4, Brawn 7, and Armor 6, plus Acid is essentially an extra point of Brawn. Abilities like Webbed and Trickster help you win rounds, Slam stops damage in a lost round (then hurts their speed), and Lightning and Thorns do damage when you can't win rounds. I like this character to start Act 2, even though your Speed will be lower than opponents.

    Go on the Act 2 Green Quest, and you'll find early on that after defeating an beatable opponent, you can take every piece of equipment offered (it's usually choose only one, but sometimes the text says you can take more, so read carefully). One is a definite upgrade, and the other two will also tempt you, so you'll definitely get stronger. Keep us informed of your progress here if you can, because I almost never play tanks, so I'm curious how it goes. You don't have to re-list every piece of equipment you have; maybe just a general idea of how you're changing.

    Also, I've advised someone of this before, but when you visit the tavern tinker in the town of New Hope, click on the Downloads tab at the top of this web page. There's a short download under Legion of Shadow bonus content (The Tavern Tinker), that offers better equipment, well worth the steep price.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Overall I've been very satisfied so far. Basically I have abilities like charm trickster webbed and haste that allow me to dominate the first several rounds of combat, and after that it's basically just chipping away when I win the speed round because the most a lot of enemies can do is 2-3 damage. Battles can take a while though. Fighting the giant in Act 2 took forever, but the only time I took damage in the vampire quest was against the count. However, the red quest in act 2 is very difficult because everything goes through armor. I literally fought the raptors a dozen times to win.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    OK so end of Act 2, and Gustav the Sellsword has the following:

    Flame Mantle +2 sp +1 ar Ability: Fire Aura
    Ramrod Helm +1 sp +2 arm Ability: Haste
    Vampraces of Might +1 sp +2 ar Ability: Parry
    Velocifero +3 sp +3 br Ability: Riposte
    Breastplate of the Bull +3 br +2 ar Ability: Charge
    Stone Crecent +2 sp +2 ar Ability: Slam
    Demon's Heart +1 sp Ability: Trickster
    Scout's +1 sp +3 br Ability: Retaliation
    Beetle Shell Necklace +1 sp Ability: Charm
    Magpie's Ring +1 ar Ability: Steal
    Ring of the Marshes +1 br +1 ar Ability: Swamp Legs

    speed 12 Brawn 10 Magic 0 Armour 11

    A little more evened out this act, but throughout most of it I had a speed of 9, a brawn of 6 and an armour of 12. See the above post. Overall it was battles that were easily winnable, just really really long. The red quest was my achilles heal though in that they all had better speed and better attack and could go through armour. ugh. i couldnt fight the tree, and only got to Nasareim in the arena. the final assassin was pretty well matched with me though.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Do you have a career? You might have encountered two of the possible warrior careers. And how much gold do you have?

    Also, in the fire/lava quest, did you try to go back and fight the giant or dragon (depending on which way you went). Tough fights, but some great equipment, including something that could have solved your problem with opponents whose attacks ignore your armor.

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