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Topic: Legion of Shadows Tank

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  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    Sorry to hear that you have hit a dead end. I can see that the problem is speed. The end game monsters are around 14 and 15 speed so you really need to be closer to that threshold to have a chance of success. Looking at your gear, I would have probably upgraded the gloves and the chest piece, as they have no speed. Otherwise, your hero looks to be an excellent build. A couple more points of speed would have made quite the difference.

    Do you still have money you can spend with Waldo? The Raider's Tunic would be an excellent choice and solve a lot of your problems.

  • Re: Legion of Shadows Tank

    I wonder if Johntfs and I have different editions of the book. In my copy, rolling a 5 puts you in a situation where the odds are against you 5:1, and there is no situation where the odds are ever in your favor.

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