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Topic: Sly the Bard

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  • Sly the Bard

    Well, that WAS exhausting.

    I just completed my marathon run of all three books, finishing EoWF with a Rogue character (who turned out to be a Bard in the end).

    I feel like I would have liked to stick with the Reaver career as that felt incredibly powerful and had flavour - but it's abilities lose their reliability as you hit Act 2, so I decided to switch to Bard. I couldn't quite get comfortable with the build I created but having said that, I found it easy to get through the book.

    Of the three characters I created, my Monk was favourite by far.

    Anyway, here's the Hero:
    Name:Sly the Mourner and Serpent Slayer (formerly Prince Arran)
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Bard
    Stats: 14 sp, 24 br, 3 ma, 0 ar
    Health: 50

    Head: Oblivion Hood (1 sp, 2 br - Decay)
    Cloak: Dark Storm (2 sp, 3 br - Splinters )
    Gloves: Tangled Tentacles (1 sp, 1 br - Webbed)
    Chest: Black Vice(2 sp, 4 br - Deep Wound)
    Feet: Sable's Shadows (2 sp, 2 br - Rebound)

    Main hand: Valediction (2sp, 4 br- Cruel Twist)
    Left hand: Vibrato enhanced with Troll Tresses, Rune of Healing and Rune of Nightmares(2 sp, 4 br - Sweet Spot, Heal, Insulated, Fear)

    Talisman: Spirit Fire (1 sp, 5 hl - Sear)

    Necklace: Coldheart Cinch(1 sp, 1 br - Mangle)
    Ring: Betrayer's Kiss enhanced with Rune of Fortune(2 br, 2ma - Critical Strike, Charm)
    Ring: Corrupted Eye(1 br, 1 ma - Disease)

    Other abilities: Deadly Dance, Good Vibrations, Spectral Claws, Intimidation, Pain Barrier, Ice Slick, Gambit, Scarlet Strikes, Shadow Thorns, Tormented Soul.

    Gold Crowns: 900

    Backpack: Red Pills x3, Flask of Healing

    So, there we have it.

    Time for a rest now.

  • Re: Sly the Bard

    Wow that must have been some hardcore dice rolling over the last few days. I now know who to call on if I ever need a game tester! ;)

    Great achievement and a fine roster of heroes. I'm glad you enjoyed exploring different careers. You are certainly the go-to expert on the books now I expect.

    Did you ever find those flawless emeralds?

  • Re: Sly the Bard

    Yep! I've been on extended leave from work so I've had quite a bit of time on my hands. I'd had EoWF sitting on my bookshelf for months and hadn't had time to play it, so I took advantage of the spare time and had a go, which then got me hooked (I also purchased the DQI app).

    If ever you do need playtesters for any further books, I'd be more than happy to oblige!

    And yes - I did find the flawless emeralds on this play through with my Rogue character! Thinking about your hints, I made a more cowardly choice when I encountered some scavengers and was rewarded for it (and I'd already found the emerald in the creature's lair in my second playthrough, so I already knew where to go to get that one).

    PS: I really hope you can continue this series. I am eager to know more about Ryker and his mysterious side-kick; I'm betting that you were planning to return to these characters?

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