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Topic: Domino

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  • Domino

    Name: Domino
    Path: Mage
    Career: Medic
    Stats: 14 speed, 30 magic, 1 armor
    Head: Thalamus tiara, 2 speed, 5 magic, haste
    Cloak: Slipstream silk, 3 speed, 2 magic, surge
    Gloves: Abattoir gloves, 1 speed, 4 magic, bleed
    Chest: Cinder’s gown, 1 speed, 3 magic, sear
    Feet: Quicksilver boots, 2 speed, 1 magic, quicksilver
    Main hand: Tempest’s fury, 2 speed, 5 magic, wind blast
    Left hand: Lexicon of bones, 2 speed, 5 magic, haunt
    Talisman: Lady of the lamp, 1 armor, medic (tourniquet, mend.)
    Necklace: Silver cross, 1 speed, 1 magic, heal
    Ring: Mender’s marcasite, 1 magic, regrowth
    Ring: Conduit of shadow, 3 magic, overload

    Notes: A few things I learned on my questing…..
    1.   Don’t ditch a career you love for a terrible one
    2.   Speed is like really important
    3.   Vampires have marital issues
    4.   Act 2 bosses will kick your ass
    5.   Why can’t I romance Nyms??
    6.   Part 3 has waaaaaay too much combat
    7.   Mathis what I do to * you off so bad?
    8.   The ending is awesome and I can’t wait to read on

  • Re: Domino

    Lol. What career did you ditch?

  • Re: Domino

    Pyromancer. I was so dumb to think the Medic would be better but noticed my health would always end low in combats. +15 health seemed a good deal. Kinda sucked.

  • Re: Domino

    You'll appreciate all the healing when you get to the team battles in bk2

  • Re: Domino

    Wickerman went down easy. More to my legion hero than my poor brigand. But that war paint does work its wonders. Sometimes.

  • Re: Domino

    Almost done HoF with my Drake. Boy didn't think the third act would be so tough but took me three attempts to get through the abussos thing. Lotta fun I have to say and more enjoyable than legion. Now thinking going too much armor not a good choice. Hopefully I'll get to change that prompto!

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