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Topic: DQ2 Runecaster

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  • DQ2 Runecaster

    Vallus Hauster - Runecaster Mage, The Dark Angel

    Mage - Runecaster
    Health 50 Armor 0
    Speed 15 Brawn 0
    Magic 36

    Speed - silver frost, immobilise
    Combat - prophecy, wave, corrode, backdraft, demon spines, command, vanish
    Modifier - refresh, magic tap, focus, charm x2, heal, resolve
    Passive - sear, demon claws, disease, demon blood, leech, lightning

    Main hand - Occulus, eye of pain (staff) +2S +5M focus, lightning
    Left hand - Scriva, Nimbus of nightmares (wand) +3S +4M curse, sear
    Chest - Glutton's robes +2S +4M leech
    Head - Kraka's crown +2S +5M command, silver frost, vanish - runes of winter and shadows
    Cloak - Drakeskin epaulets +2S +5M (glyph of power) backdraft - charm rune, heal rune
    Gloves - Gloves of the firmament +1S +4M resolve
    Feet - Ixion's shackles +2S +3M immobilise
    Necklace - Sea spray garland +1S +1M wave
    Talisman - Lich stone +1M runecaster
    Ring - Iron recluse +2M corrode + charm rune
    Ring - Bad tooth +2M disease

    Gold 550
    Spectral syllabub (full heal)
    Elixir of swiftness +4S

  • Re: DQ2 Runecaster

    That's about as powerful a Mage as you can make in HoF. I might swap Obsidian Shard in as my necklace to have piercing, rather than Wave, but otherwise very strong....

  • Re: DQ2 Runecaster

    My Wave can do 36 damage, 18 to any one person. Hardly anyone has that much armor, and the ability to split the damage is amazing in multi-enemy battles. I think it's the strongest ability that Mages have.

  • Re: DQ2 Runecaster

    I wonder if you have made the same assumption about Wave that I did initially. Wave is used instead of rolling for a damage score, not as well as:

    So against a single opponent it would be useless as you can do a maximum of 18 points damage with it, and as you say, very few (although not all) opponents have 18+ armour, so you'd be better off using your normal damage score.

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