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Topic: DQ3 Bard

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  • DQ3 Bard

    Here's my Bard.

    Titles: Redeemer, Serpent Slayer
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Bard (Good Vibrations, Deadly Dance)
    Stats: 15 speed, 19 brawn, 2 magic, 6 armour, 50 health,

    Head: Warg Crown +2 speed +2 armour, barbs
    Cloak: Thought Knot +2 speed +1 brawn, +1 armour (Terra Scales), Trickster (+Vanish, +Insulated)
    Gloves: Foxtail bracers +1 speed +2 brawn (Drone razors), +1 armour (Drake Scales), cunning (+fear, +curse)
    Chest: Black Vice +2 speed +4 brawn, deep wound
    Feet: Witched Walkers +2 speed +2 armour, freeze
    Main hand (glass sword): Dusky Sonnet +2 speed +4 brawn, bleed, sure edge (includes +1 speed and +2 brawn upgrades)
    Left hand (glass sword): Vibrato +2 speed +4 brawn, sweet spot
    Talisman: Spirit fire +1 speed +5 health, sear
    Necklace: Soul Mirror +1 speed +2 brawn, darksilver
    Ring: Aldo's Ruin +1 brawn +1 magic, deceive (+ heal, +thorns, +charm)
    Ring: corrupted eye +1 brawn +1 magic, disease (+heal)

    Death Moves: scarlet strikes, shadow thorns,
    Other: spectral claws, salvation, pain barrier, intimidate, gambit, might of stone

    I loved the options in this book to upgrade gear. I turned Dusky Sonnet into a deadly weapon to make the bard career viable (8 health damage from good vibrations is great and it also makes scarlet strikes very effective). Also upgraded gloves, cloak and ring (Aldo's Ruin great for "pimping" as best ring and you get it quite early).

    Quite low brawn if you compare with LoS and HoF rogues, but loving the passives, which are great against multiple adversaries.

    This character teemed up with my HoF Venomancer ( to take down Nordrassil. Very easy with their combined passives.

  • Re: DQ3 Bard

    This looks pretty awesome build. I'm bard too. Where do you get the extra brawn for the main hand? I'm at the end of act 1 and not seen any brawn upgrades. Are they into act 2?

  • Re: DQ3 Bard


    You get it from running the gauntlet of fire and lightning in the blue quest. You would probably normally do that before the quest where you became a bard - I knew about it from my first play through with a Storm Carl so did the quests in an unusual order.

    The other extra brawn (just for a weapon this time) is in Act 2.

  • Re: DQ3 Bard

    Your right and I added it to my ring with the heal. Forgot about it. I'll look out for the next one in act 2. I already seen that cardinal sin gives the +1 speed as long as I don't miss it!

    Edit: and yes I was pimping Aldo's Ruin too! lol

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