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Topic: Storm Carl

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  • Re: Storm Carl

    Ah ok, that explains a lot! Perhaps I need to be more consistent in my ability descriptions. Yes, both spin shot and hurricane rush, like all damage die combat abilities, replace rolling for a damage score. You can't do both.

    I'll make that amend to the online glossary - and add to the errata - just to clarify for other readers. Thanks.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    Not all damage die combat abilities apply instead of calculating a damage score. Backstab, for example, doesn’t and a thief in HoF was my last character, so that might be why I assumed they could just be played. Although looking back at the Backstab glossary I see that explicitly states you still can roll for damage.

    It seems quite unusual to have a career with two combat abilities that replace rolling for a damage score. That’s two rounds where you are not benefiting from the brawn you have accumulated. Particularly if you are reducing Spin Shots’ power I would advocate making Hurricane Rush a combat ability triggered by playing a speed ability (so a bit like backstab) and independent of whether you win the round. After all, you do take damage that will activate any passives your opponents have etc. I think that would fit with the theme of the career. But of course you Da Boss!

  • Re: Storm Carl

    I have a quick question about the storm carl. If you play hurricane rush and use critical strike can you turn every hit into a six result or would the critical only apply to one set of dice because you roll separately for each one? This is hypothetical as I don’t have critical strike but was just curious. I would assume the sixes could only occur for one hit (so changing two dice to sixes). Otherwise could be a little OP.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    @ Rougie
    The storm carl is a very physical career and therefore suited two combat abilities. The reaver also has two combat abilities. As you rightly point out, they do not benefit from your brawn, therefore they are balanced. However, both abilities ignore armour. Hurricane rush is an excellent 'finisher' ability. If you have multiple opponents on low health (particularly in combats where opponents are being summoned or spawned), then hurricane rush is a good means of picking off a load of weak opponents - potentially also triggering a death move. Not every combat ability should necessarily be about hitting huge numbers. Wave is similar; an ability that gives you control over the weaker/damaged opponents you may need to pick off.

    Yes, you are correct in your assumption. Hurricane rush is a bit of an odd one in this context, but you roll the dice separately so if you were to use critical strike, the critical strike would apply to one pair of dice as they are the only ones in play at that time.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    I'm glad I was right. Looking fwd to playing more this weekend!

    Thank you for a great series of books.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    Rougie, this hero look so strong. I will try to learn some tactics when look him abilities.

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