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Topic: Storm Carl

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  • Storm Carl

    So just completed and here is my warrior hero:

    Name: Arran
    Titles: Serpent Slayer, The Everliving
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Storm Carl (Hurricane Rush, Spin Shot)
    Stats: 15 speed, 22 brawn, 3 magic, 3 armour, 55 health,

    Head: Tomb Life +2 speed +2 armour, greater heal
    Cloak: Aggressor's Mantle +2 speed +2 brawn +1 armour (Terra scales), barbs
    Gloves: Werewood Claws +1 speed +2 brawn, gouge
    Chest: Captain's Coat +2 speed +3 brawn (Drone Razors), overpower
    Feet: Sable's Shadows +2 speed +2 brawn, rebound
    Main hand: Tumult (axe) +2 speed +3 brawn (drake thorn), Frenzy (+curse, +charm)
    Left hand: Warped Edge +2 speed +4 brawn, charm (+ice edge, +blind)
    Talisman: Monstrous Beast +1 speed +5 health, bleed
    Necklace: Glacial Orbit +1 speed +2 brawn, piercing
    Ring: Aldo's Ruin +2 br (bonus from blue quest Act 1) +1 magic, deceive (+heal, +frost burn)
    Ring: Betrayer's Kiss +2 brawn +2 magic, critical strike

    Death Moves: upperhand, recuperation, shadow thorns,
    Other: spectral claws, bloody maiden, might of stone, intimidate, ice slick

    I think the Storm Carl career might be a bit overpowered. It gives you two combat abilities that can be used in addition to winning a round and rolling for damage. Hurricane Rush is great for multiple opponents to inflict passives such as bleed/gouge. But it is spin shot that it is truly amazing. When combined with a speed boost (e.g. frenzy) I was rolling 5, 6 or even 7 dice at a time. I say rolling, as I actually used critical strike to make it inflict 30, 36 or 42 points of damage. I defeated one supposedly tough opponent, with 80 health, in just two combat rounds. And bloody maiden makes it even more powerful.

    This made the book quite easy from a play perspective. Early combats and ones where you couldn't use abilities were the toughest.

    As people will see from my equipment, I took the “darker” path (Da Boss’s words) to activate the forge. I would say I generally took the path of “greater good” or, as Skoll would put it, the many rather than the few, e.g. I also acted to stop the dissemination of chemical warfare.

    Trying rogue next.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    Great hero and thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, perhaps a Blizzard-style nerf of spin shot might be in order. Probably removing the 'ignore armour' affix and/or reducing the base damage from 2 dice to 1 die. Something I'll think about - as I can see, when combined with critical strike and frenzy, it becomes quite devastating! ;)

    Cool build!

  • Re: Storm Carl

    I'm considering the following as an update:

    Spin shot (co): This ability inflicts 2 damage dice to your opponent, ignoring armour – plus 3 extra damage for every speed point difference you have over your opponent in this round. You can only use this ability once per combat.

    It feels like a good compromise. You still get the 2 damage dice base damage, ignoring armour, and then benefit from the speed boost of abilities such as Frenzy. This would mean, if critical strike was used, it could only affect the initial 2 damage dice.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    That is probably better and would also means Bloody Maiden adds +4 rather than +12 if you had a (temporary) speed advantage of +4.

    Quick question on critical strike - assuming you win the round when you are playing Spin Shot, should critical strike apply to the die you roll for damage? I assumed not, as applying it to one form of attack but it could be read to apply to all damage dice in a combat round.

  • Re: Storm Carl

    Critical strike, when played, turns all damage die into [6] results. So if you won the round, and used spin shot as your combat ability you could (under the new proposed rules) turn the two die results into [6] and [6] and then add on your damage bonuses for the abilities.

    Is that what you meant?

  • Re: Storm Carl

    No, it wasn't. I think I understand now with the description on combat abilities at the start of the book. So I think both Hurricane Rush and Spin Shot's descriptions should begin by saying "Instead of rolling for a damage score...."

    I thought you could use the ability and roll for damage (which explains why I thought the Storm Carl was so amazing), because the descriptions of the abilities weren't explicit unlike, for instance, stampede and skewer.

    *Edited for typos*

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