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Topic: DQ3 Rogue

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  • DQ3 Rogue

    Name: Felix
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Soul Thief

    Cloak: Dark Storm +2S, +3B (Splinters)
    Head: Wind Shear Horns +5S +2A (Piercing)
    Gloves: Tangled Tentacles +1S +1B (Webbed)
    Main Hand: Abyssal Spike +1S +2B (Bleed,Heal)
    Chest: Clawed Tatters +1S +2B (Gut Ripper,Charm,Warg Strike)
    Left Hand: Longest Yard: +2S +3B (Barbs,Curse)
    Talisman: Seed of Yggdrasill: +1S +4H (Regrowth)
    Feet: Sables Shadows +2S +2B (Rebound,Insulated)
    Necklace: Shadow Noose: +2B +2M (Vanish)
    Ring: Aldo's Ruin: +1B +1M (Deceive)
    Ring: Oblivion Helix +2B (Curse)
    Money: 705
    HP: 49
    Spd: 12, Brawn: 18, Magic: 3, Armor: 2.


    I'll put on titles and other special abilities later so as not to spoil it for other players.

  • Re: DQ3 Rogue

    Good hero Rindel and well done on completing the book so fast!

    I don't think the titles and extra abilities are really spoiler material, so feel free to share those if you want to. I was just worried in the other thread that there were some major plot points given away. I think you know the ones! ;)

  • Re: DQ3 Rogue

    Thanks, played it for nearly two days straight as I wanted to finish it due to really enjoying the books.

  • Re: DQ3 Rogue

    Looks good, although isn't Vibrato a left-hand sword? You may have picked up some ability which enables you to swap hands - not got that far yet...

  • Re: DQ3 Rogue

    You know what, your right! It is left handed oops!, I didn't even notice that, it's the first time that's happened.

  • Re: DQ3 Rogue

    Fixed hopefully, dropped the main hand back to the last weapon I was carrying before I picked Vibrato and altered stats as well.

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