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Topic: Rinzler < ace rogue

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  • Rinzler < ace rogue

    Sure I'm a little late to this party but I got inspired by the awesome rogues on this forum so I ditched my mage mid game and rerolled. I haven't looked back since There is some gear I would like to change (would LOVE A RING WITH DISEASE/VENOM) but satisfied with my career choice and load out of damage. Sad I have to wait till next year for the next episode!

    Name: Rinzler the betrayer
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Swordmaster
    Stats 15 speed 25 brawn 0 armour 45 health
    Head: Black widow (2 sp 2 br webbed)
    Cloak: Nemesis shroud (2 sp 3 br dark pact)
    Gloves: Bracelet of fury (1 sp 4 br adrenaline)
    Chest: Shadow bindings (2 sp 3 br evade)
    Feet: Marsh stalkers (2 sp 3 br sideswipe)
    Main hand: Black death (2 sp 4 br critical strike)
    Left hand: Dragon slayer (2 sp 4 br deep wound)
    Talisman: Blinding dust (1 sp deceive)
    Necklace: Ghoul’s teeth (1 sp piercing)
    Ring: Lupine lapis (1 br bleed)
    Ring: Finger of fire (1 br sear)

  • Re: Rinzler < ace rogue

    My HoF rogue.
    Trust me two rogues in team battle dish out the punishment.

    Name: Raine Doun the Dark Angel
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Thief (back stab, cutpurse)
    Speed: 16 Brawn: 22 Armour: 2 Health: 45

    Cloak: Mesh of sinews ( 2 sp 4 br dark pact)
    Head: Black talon hood (2 sp 3 br vanish)
    Gloves: Prickle pair (1 sp 2 br) barbs
    Main hand: Abandoned hope (3 sp 4 br gut ripper)
    Chest: Brace of fury (2 sp 3 br critical strike)
    Left hand: Widow’s needle (2 sp 3 br piercing) (+ savagery)
    Talisman: Spook chi (1 sp trickster)
    Feet: Slime skimmers (2 sp 2 br webbed)
    Necklace: Dreamcatcher (1 sp immobilise) (+ silver frost)
    Ring: Briar star (1 ar thorns) (+ heal, + charm, + iron will)
    Ring: Fisher’s friend (1 br hooked) (+1 ar)

    Next play I'd like to roll a hexed scholar. Double magic on spellbooks, reroll all damage, and volcanist armour set. Yes I'll take one of those! ;-P

  • Re: Rinzler < ace rogue

    How do you get the scholar career. I totally missed that! You have to find an eye piece?

  • Re: Rinzler < ace rogue

    Collect the 3 books for Andos and you get the career as a reward.

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