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Topic: Another Fast Alchemist

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  • Another Fast Alchemist

    So, for posterity's sake - and in case I lose my character sheet before DQ2 comes out - I'll post my guy here. This is from my first-ever playthrough. I'd deliberately avoided the forums, and yet I see that, by coincidence, I've created a character very similar to cdc_it's Alchemist. Wasn't copying, honest.

    A couple of notes: taking Tempest's Fury would have given me an extra point in Magic, but I decided to hang on to the weapon I had, just to keep hold of the 'piercing' ability (enemies tend to be heavily armoured in the later parts of the story). Also, I was tempted to switch to Pyromancer when that career became available, but finally stayed with Alchemist just to keep my Speed a little higher. In hindsight, maybe I should have switched; one point less of Speed wouldn't have made a huge difference, I think.

    And so, at the end of Act III: -

    NAME: Eric (where does this name come from, exactly? Do you just decide to choose a name when you first wake up with no memory?)
    PATH: Mage
    CAREER: Alchemist (Good Taste, Midas Touch)
    TITLE: The Champion of Light (Bright Shield)

    SPEED: 18
    BRAWN: 0
    MAGIC: 23
    ARMOUR: 2
    HEALTH: 50

    CLOAK: Slipstream Silk (+3SP, +2MA, Surge)
    HEAD: The Morgue (+2SP, +4MA, Leech)
    GLOVES: Gardner's Gloves (+2SP, +2AR)
    MAIN HAND: Frost Burn (+2SP, +4MA, Piercing)
    CHEST: Slipstream Gown (+2SP, +4MA, Overload)
    LEFT HAND: Archstrike (+3SP, +3MA, Dominate)
    TALISMAN: Blinding Dust (+1SP, Deceive)
    FEET: Sanguine Slippers (+2SP, +2MA, Charm)
    NECKLACE: Pendant of Foresight (+1SP, Evade)
    RING: Wrath of Ages (+2MA, Rust)
    RING: Band of Elements (+2MA, Lightning)

    BACKPACK: Gold detector (Beep, beep!), Pot of Mending (or whatever it's called, +12 Health), Potion of Healing (+10 Health), Stinkbomb (-2 to enemy's SP for one round), Arthurian's Horn (20 damage, no armour protection)

    GOLD: 1020

    And there we go. Next time... maybe a Rogue.

  • Re: Another Fast Alchemist

    Thanks for sharing your build. Very impressive - I doubt many enemies caused you much stress (other than the white ape, of course...).

    Gardener's gloves are receiving a nerf in the new edition - dropping a point of speed, I'm afraid.

  • Re: Another Fast Alchemist

    Good idea. Keep those uppity potion-swiggers in line.

    And a suggestion for DQ2 - maybe a few more fights like King Louis, where you need Armour to survive more than a few seconds. That'll bring the lightly-armoured speedfreaks (like me) to a screeching halt. Force - no, encourage - people into balancing their build a little more.

  • Re: Another Fast Alchemist

    Yes, there are more combats like the King Louis one - in both the upcoming bonus content for LoS and in DQ2. Balanced builds will be of greater significance - and easier to accomplish - due to improved itemisation in DQ2.

  • Re: Another Fast Alchemist

    Tanks get the last laugh! I love it

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