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Topic: Gladiator: worst career?

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  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    so what is the best career for warriors? I've swapped gladiator for ranger but wondering about the other three careers. Which is best for damage? Sounds like berserker from other posts but inquisitor sounds powerful too and a few people have opted for ranger.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    My preferences would be:
    1: Inquisitor
    2: Berserker
    3. Ranger
    4. Cavalier
    5. Gladiator

    Berserker and ranger are interchangeable I think. Berserker probably more likely to do high damage, the ranger more likely to win combat rounds.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    I love my cavalier But would have preferred an inquisitor if I could have got it!

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    I've reverted back to my gladiator. I like a challenge so gonna see how it goes. A high brawn build with some good speed winners and it could work...... perhaps....

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    Is the assassin really that powerful?
    I mean, if you're a rogue , you are going to end the combat quickly, not wait until the pioson kills an ennemy. But i don't know about the boosts in act 3( maybe i'm missig something important?)

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    Assassin becomes quite powerful. They got +1 to venom and that gets increased to +2 in Act 3. If you link the venom damage with other effects like disease and barbs and thorns then assassin can do insane passive damage like +7 a round even when they aren't hitting. With high speed and brawn = GOD MODE

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