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Topic: Gladiator: worst career?

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  • Gladiator: worst career?

    I'm playing through as a warrior and I got the gladiator career thanks to some flashy swordwork and my new best friend Knuckles. (Good fighter, but frightful breath).

    After the excitement of getting my new career has worn off, and now I'm in unicorn's horn I'm not all that impressed with the gladiator career abilities. I'm coming at this having played a rogue to the end, so I'm used to been overpowered and delivering huge damage bursts but gladiator seems to lack in all departments. An interrupt that does no damage and a small brawn boost IF I win two consecutive combats. Not as easy with a warrior with average speed. I think gladiator needs some loving because it feels very weak next to other careers. I suppose it is the warrior version of the pickpocket and achemist but they have some good abilities that help you later. I don't see what the gladiator has to offer. Any thoughts from fellow warriors?

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    Didn't know there was a Gladiator career. I'm a ranger though.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    I agree Star. They would benefit from perhaps a boost in act 3. Something that gives them a bigger benefit from blood rage like +1 speed and +3 brawn. I noted that pyromancers and assassins get boosts in act 3 (like they need it!) My opinion is that the gladiator is just an entry level one to get you to ranger or beserker. I struggled in act 2 with gladiator. It took me long time to defeat some of the harder monsters.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    gladiator sucks but no big deal. warriors get plenty of choice with other careers. its been tough choosing between ranger and berserker.. and i probably have same tough choice with cavalier and inquisitor.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    What career did you settle on Blazzor? I'm considering playing through again to try berserker and inquisitor.

  • Re: Gladiator: worst career?

    I keep ranger into final act. I like the speed powers of the ranger, good for setting up wins and combat moves

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