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Topic: Waldo wonders

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  • Waldo wonders

    That is some really cool warrior gear Wish i had some of that in Act 3. the tier2 shield and the gloves are awesome items. I could get 2 tier1 or 1 tier2. I need new boots so barbarous boots are bought!

  • Re: Waldo wonders

    scratch that, might get the shield instead. But then i lose piercing. <face palm>

  • Re: Waldo wonders

    i was going to list my rogue later but now I will be spending the evening waldo shopping. Looking at the rogue gear the cheap ones are naff but the gloves and the sword (3 SPEED??! 5 BRAWN??) are godly. The prices are a bit high aren't they? THat will blow my savings

  • Re: Waldo wonders

    Alchemists and pickpockets will be laughing all the way to the bank!!

  • Re: Waldo wonders

    how much gold you meant to have at end of act 3? i just got last quests to do and i got 755g left. i use a lot of potions i think Really want the rogue sword for my hero

  • Re: Waldo wonders

    I've got 1090 gold I think the mage boots are good but i don't think they are worth 900g! Do we need to keep gold for DQ2 or should we just spend it? I think i'll get the necklace for piercing!!!

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