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Topic: Armour for Warriors

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  • Armour for Warriors

    I'm beginning to think is armour any use in this game, particularly for warriors? It occurs to me that it is better to have speed and brawn to win combat and do damage. Choosing armour items means you are giving up one or the other.

    I'm getting near the end of Act 3 and starting to drop armour for a DPS build.

  • Re: Armour for Warriors

    I disagree but I enjoy playing a tank. You just need to be smarter about where you put your points, and the abilities you get. Passive damage like thorns, bleed and lightening are great when combined with high armour. A few speed abilities as well and you're laughing! :-D

  • Re: Armour for Warriors

    depend what career. Berserker better with less armour to proc seeing red.

  • Re: Armour for Warriors

    I agree with Blazzor: the choice of the berserker career should be accompanied by a quite medium Armour level, in order to boost your brawn as soon as possible.

  • Re: Armour for Warriors

    Beserkers actually make good tank builds! Seeing red is an excellent speed boost to compensate for a low speed attribute.

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