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Topic: Puzzles

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    Analander I think I see your problem. You need to apply the modifier to all the numbers not just the one you are missing. I think you are using the modifier on the missing one only. ??

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    Thanks, Boss, I'm in the beginning of act 2 with my new hero, I just did the quest again and got it! Stabby, yes, the problem is about the modifiers. 397 is the right number after you apply the modifiers to all numbers on the table to make the summations work. But the right number has no modifiers, so you have to subtract them back.

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    Ok, just came across this one and I want to make sure I have the right idea. Taking the first row: 29\9 | 5 | star | blank | 6
    We need to figure out how these add up to 9 with the modifier? And one of those numbers is the missing star?
    I guess where I'm confused is that you guys are saying to add a number. But in this case, I subtract 1 from 5 and 6 to get 4 and 5 which add up to 9. I'm not seeing how I can add anything to these numbers to get 9.
    And if this is too much spoiler, sorry. I can delete it, if this is deemed too spoilery.

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    Without been able to look at the book I'll go off memory for this one. If the number that you are making on the first row is 10 and you are given 3 and a missing number. The 3 becomes a 4 (+1) so the missing number is 5 (+1 makes it a 6).
    I didn't find it that hard once you know that other than the totals each number has +1 or +2 or +3 based on what row you find it.

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    rithe. ignore what comes after the blank.

    29\9 | 5 | star | blank | 6

    The answer for the top line is 2. (5 +1) + (? +1) = 9. The missing number is 2.

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    So what's the answer?!?!

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