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Topic: Puzzles

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    rithe. ignore what comes after the blank.

    29\9 | 5 | star | blank | 6

    The answer for the top line is 2. (5 +1) + (? +1) = 9. The missing number is 2.

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    So what's the answer?!?!

  • Re: Puzzles

    I hope it is fine to give answers on this forum. It does say spoilers!

    Answer is two, seven, two.

    yeah it took me forever to solve >

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    hi all,

    I'm totally lost with the puzzle ยง456. I dont understand how i can resolve it.

    Where are the missing number ?? in the square ? or in the star, round and hourglass ??

    Could you explain me the process because i'm lossding patience and the book will be fly soon throught my window !

    Sorry for my poor level in english...

  • Re: Puzzles

    The answer is in Nax's post. The puzzle is a little similar to the Japenese KenKen puzzles. The numbers must add up to the number in the triangles. It's confusing because each row has an addition modifier (+1, +2, +3....). Myrrth explains it better in an earlier post.

  • Re: Puzzles

    I'll have a go at explaining. Brackets is the number in the triangle. The numbers after are those in the row/column leading from it.

    If you have this: (9) and then after it, a 4 and a missing number, the missing number would be 5. To make 9.

    But the destiny quest puzzle has modifiers. So the number is less the modifier.

    Take the above example. If they were on the second row then they would have +2. It would display as: (9) and then 2 and a missing number. The missing number would then become 3.

    The calculation is: 9 = (2+2) + (3+2)

    You need to calculate the numbers for the three symbols and put them in order as they are shown at the top of the stone. GL!

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