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Topic: Puzzles

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  • Puzzles

    Hy guys! I'm trying to solve the puzzle at par. number 456, but my mind is quite exploding this time... I've solved another one, but this one seems a bit more difficult, at least for me. Can I have a little help by anyone? Thanks!

  • Re: Puzzles

    Had me flummoxed for a while. The numbers in the columns and rows must add up to the total in each triangular section. What made it difficult is each row has a plus (+) modifier

  • Re: Puzzles

    Thanks for helping, I'll try and check if I'm able to find the solution. I thought it was something like this, but I think I've made some mistakes adding the numbers... quite a stupid mistake which took me far from solving the puzzle. Hopefully it'll not take me another couple of days..

  • Re: Puzzles

    I thought I had caught it, but I think I was wrong cause I can't get to the solution...

  • Re: Puzzles

    +1 to numbers first row
    +2 to numbers second row
    +3 to numbers third row
    +4 t0 numbers fourth row

    If you have a 4 in the second row then it would have a value of 6, a 2 in the first row has a value of 3. You find the missing numbers (where the shapes are) to create a three digit number I don't have the puzzle to look so i can't be more specific

  • Re: Puzzles

    i couldnt do this either! thank u for explaining it to me

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