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Topic: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

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  • swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    I'm wondering about replacing shadowstalker with the swordmaster. I found the SS to be really good (shadow speed is more helpful than it looks on paper). But ambidextrous?? is that any good at all? More choice on swords? I couldn't make a decision last night any fellow rogues with any insight?

  • Re: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    i don't see much advantage to ambi apart from it let you choose your abilities better. best rogue swords have same stats from what i see [2 speed 4 brawn] and thats for main or left. ambi lets you use two main or two left if you want. only thing you gaining is chance to pick your ability better.

    but swift strikes looks good. that would do good damage in long fights and you can pick opponent.

  • Re: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    I stuck with my shadowstalker in the end. I may regret it but did most of act3 last night with no problems. Just the red quest and final boss fight to go!

  • Re: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    Ha I took the swordmaster. Like Blazzor says, the swift strikes is a great ability. I do quite a bit of extra damage with it and useful when you got multiple enemies. I'm dual-wielding <dragonslayer> and <black death> at the moment (deep wound and criticial strike YEAH!!)

  • Re: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    where you get those swords?

  • Re: swordmaster vs shadowstalker

    The dragon (act 2) and that ugly thing at the end of the act 3 blue quest.

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