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Topic: Italian edition changes

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  • Italian edition changes

    The Kalimari at 510 got different stats (a change wich I don't see in the changelog)
    Speed 9 Brawn 8 Armor 5 Health 40
    Are these changes right?

  • Re: Italian edition changes

    At 517, Wyrm crest has +2 magic +2 armor, instead of +1 magic +2 armor.
    This isn't in the changelog.

  • Re: Italian edition changes

    They are mistakes and not changes.

  • Re: Italian edition changes

    Ok, I thought that the Kalimari stats were a bit odd compared to the Leviathan ones.
    At entry 649, Spite is a main hand dagger, while it should be a left hand one, correct?

  • Re: Italian edition changes

    At entry 676, against Caeleb, when he uses Shield slam in the Italian edition it is possibile to reroll the die to avoid it, while in the English edition it is explicitly prohibited, which is correct?

  • Re: Italian edition changes

    Shield slam can't be avoided.
    Spite is a left hand dagger.

    I would just work off the basis that the English version is correct, unless I have cited a change in the change log.

    Surprised at the amount of errors actually. I know they did their own playtesting, so not sure if they changed stuff based on that - but would have thought unlikely as they would probably have asked me first.

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