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Topic: Jar of Night Creeps

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  • Jar of Night Creeps

    Where can I find this thing? Also, where is the explosive charge you can use against the Golem in the Sunken City Quest?

  • Re: Jar of Night Creeps

    I take it you've not met Sea Shanty Steve yet then, eh? Haha!

    At one point during the mission, you should have an option to climb a kelp ladder. This comes a couple of sections or so after fighting the animated weapons. Climb the ladder, then enter the blasted-out tunnel, and speak to the chap you meet there. Ask him what he's doing there, then ask him if he has any borehole charges left. You can buy one of them from him.

    As for the jar of night creeps, simply ask him about lamprey worms!

  • Re: Jar of Night Creeps

    Thank you for the help. And yes, I totally kept the Crown. Even if she felt a little bad about it, the one woman still let me get that lamprey forced down my throat.

  • Re: Jar of Night Creeps

    I'm pretty sure you put it to better use than the guy who wanted it did! At least, that's what I tell myself whenever I keep it…

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