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Topic: HoF - 401 Puzzle

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  • HoF - 401 Puzzle

    Has anyone figured out the puzzle on 401? I've been pondering it a while, and had ideas, but no solution yet. If anyone has tips, I'd appreciate it.

  • Re: HoF - 401 Puzzle

    It's actually one of the only puzzles I didn't have much trouble with. All I'll say is read the description and you don't need to many numbers.

  • Re: HoF - 401 Puzzle

    I must be over thinking it then, or missing something. I guess I'm not as good at puzzles as I thought

    I'm working it by seeing what I would see by standing at each symbol. But every combination I've come up with aren't right so far. I even thought about what the number would be of each symbol, by thinking that the numbers I see are behind me.

    I'll try and rethink it.

  • Re: HoF - 401 Puzzle

    I didn't find this puzzle on my playthrough but I took a look. I solved it by looking at the numbers already there. The numbers refer to something and that gave me the answer for the symbol squares. At least thats what I figured and it seemed to work. If I go in more detail I'll may as well give the answer.

  • Re: HoF - 401 Puzzle

    Yeah, I've obviously been going about it the wrong way then. Don't worry about saying too much more Vood. I think that will be enough to get me on the right track. Thanks!

  • Re: HoF - 401 Puzzle

    Ha! Got it. Although, I must say that wasn't quite what I expected. Although, since the grey are walls, I didn't think the answer is correct. Oh well.

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