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Topic: Looking for a good assassin combination

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  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    Yes, you're probably right. Frustrating as I'm a bit of a gold hoarder and my last character was a pickpocket....

  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    I finished the game, and have reached a few conclusions:

    Firstly, the critical strike-deep wound combination sucks.
    When you have a brawn of 25-ish, and no armor, the abilities that heal or cause damage are actually pretty bad.
    Damage abilities tend not to scale well, so the most important thing is winning vs losing a combat round.

    The best abilities are those that turn a lost combat round into a won combat round, followed by those abilities that help you avoid damage. Also, the venom/disease/assassin combo just wears the enemy down while you're dodging attacks.

    To that end, I found the following items indispensible:
    Crown of Command (head) +5 Brawn, +5 Magic, command (turn a lost combat round into a won combat round)
    Demon's Heart (talisman) +1 Speed, trickster (swap one of your dice with won of theirs, turning a lost combat round into a won combat round)
    Stolen Hope (necklace +1 Brawn, +1 Magic, deceive (same as trickster)

    Combine that with the dagger Spite (venom) and Mortician's Scalpel (disease), you can do a lot of damage.

    For damage prevention I have sidestep, evade and vanish.
    I have a couple of items still from my time as a pickpocket:
    Marsh Stalkers with sidestep
    Kaggadour's Cloak with piercing.

    I also decided to pass on the Nightcrawler set. Firstly, as I said above, damage abilities don't scale well (except piercing), and secondly, youc an't get that and the diamond for the crown of command.

    I did not end up using the poison boost talisman because it simply isn't better than the trickster ability.

    As for the bleed ring, I found a leech ring, but I never get hit so it doesn't matter.

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