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Topic: Looking for a good assassin combination

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  • Looking for a good assassin combination

    Hi guys,
    I'm running an assassin through Act 3, and I'm trying to find a good way to mix together the following combo:
    venom + main hand dagger + critical strike/gut-ripper + piercing + deep would.
    I have a dagger with venom, another with critical strike, and the nightwalker set so I have gut-ripper too. I also have a cloak with piercing. My problem is finding a deep wound. Are there secondary weapons with deep wound, or ways to get critical strike, deep wound, or venom on an item that isn't a weapon?
    I'm not so happy with gut-ripper as I think in the late game, I can do a lot better than the Nightwalker set for chest and gloves.

    Thoughts? Advice?


  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    I've completed the game as an assassin and also done plenty of "theory" playing with lots of builds. :o)

    If you can get it I'd add sear if you are able (finger of fire) to get the extra damage points off critical strike.

    You can deep wound from a dagger at the end of WINTER's HILL. Its main hand so will go well with a weapon with venom in the off hand. Get spite from the necro in THE WARNING. You can upgrade it with the fang of vengos by helping Avian Dale in THE BETRAYED. There are gloves with critical strike from the act3 vendor if you have 900g.

    Brawlers shiv in main hand is how I went in act 3. I kept it for the stats but I think the deep wound dagger tenacity and spite are better combo. Get the bleed ring from WAKING THE DEAD and the poison boost talisman from AGAINST ALL ODDS.


  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    I see a lot of rogues sticking with gutripper. Its a good ability and probably worth the drop in brawn and loss of an extra ability. I think best upgrade for chest is shadowing bindings...? 2 speed 3 brawn and evade. Bracelet of fury is a good gloves item giving adrenaline and a +4 brawn. If you have the nightwalker set I would keep it.

  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    Finger of fire is only available in Act 2. The chest and gloves alternatives from what I have seen are:

    Titan plate (1 speed 2 armour Fearless)
    Stalkers jerkin (2 speed 3 armour Evade)
    Shadow bindings (2 speed 3 brawn Evade)

    Bestial gloves (2 speed 2 brawn Adrenaline)
    Razor fists (1 brawn 3 armour Rake)
    Bracelet of fury (1 speed 4 brawn Adrenaline)
    Bone bracers (1 speed 2 brawn Bleed)

    I'm sure I missed some. Think this might sell you on keeping gutripper.

  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    You missed off the bonus vendor and quest Rinzler. Waldo has a chest piece and gloves but they're expensive. There is also a couple of chest and glove items in the betrayed quest. That's end game so not really going to make a difference to fighting through Act 3.

    On the gold front I wonder is there a reason to keep gold beyond Legion of Shadow for this character? I wonder if we'll get to buy potions for the co-op battles or be able to swap them between characters?

  • Re: Looking for a good assassin combination

    You played through The Betrayed, Tatties? I would say from the end that there is no reason (other than playing around with co-op battles) to save the money.

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