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Topic: Malcontent discontent

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  • Malcontent discontent

    Hey forum. Does anyone have any useful advice/strategies for taking down this son of a -----? I have a mage, only losing a point of speed (14) playing an icelock. Only speed abilities I have are decieve and web.

    I'm at end game before the boss but not coming any way close to doing this one. Am I supposed to ignore the crows and blast at the boss all the time? If I try both I lose and if I leave teh crows I lose too much health. Any hints would be cool but else I going to keep plugging away. don't want to cheat!

  • Re: Malcontent discontent

    Defo kill the crows first. with mally healing the combat can drag out and the pasives will just kill you off. Based on my hero experiences I remember this fight is more about your fast damage, so magic in your case and combat abilities. Take out the crows asap maybe use ice shards then hope you win enough rounds against the big guy.

    Have you done the download quest yet? The horn is good and the stink bombs or home brew might help you.

    It took me many tries too

  • Re: Malcontent discontent

    You could always visit Waldo to see if you can afford any of his upgrades. A few extra points of speed or magic could make all the difference.

  • Re: Malcontent discontent

    Thank you for the tips! I wasn't expecting a quick response so great!

    I hadn't touched the online material but I'm working through it now. Traded in my old boots for the boots of shielding and if I get a few more gold I can take the cloak as well. I think they should better my chance of beating Mal

  • Re: Malcontent discontent

    When is the last online quest going to be available? When I click on it nothing happens.

  • Re: Malcontent discontent

    later in the year according to this news story

    if you want it earlier you have to buy the special edition book out in may/

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