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Topic: Hardest fight?

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  • Hardest fight?

    I'm fighting my way through act3 with my second hero (mage). Once again I am getting trounced by Malcontent and his annoying regeneration ability. I was wondering what other players found their most difficult fight and why.

    Time for Round 4 with Malcontent. Gonna try again :o/

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    no question, malcontent for the heal (and the damn crows) and flay. The blob also a pain if you have low dps

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    The two bosses in seared scar must be the hardest fights. magmageddon and the dragon. I haven't been able to kill either of those yet. I found that there are a few hard fights in the second act like the snapjaw and hydra. very challenging!

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    My top ten "worst fights" from a warrior perspective

    1. snap jaw
    2. malcontent
    3. hydra (for the special achievement)
    4. chilblain
    5. rottaghast
    6. leviathan
    7. anything with piercing
    8. mage hunter and boss combo (nightmare!!!)
    9. noldor
    10. zalladrell

    I know that doesn't count the seared scar bosses but we know they are insanely hard, goes without saying!

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    I agree mostly with your list Perceval but I think the blob should be up there in the top five spot. He has a ton of health to get through and if you lose a few rounds he hits really hard! I found that fight difficult with my cavalaier but i think it is a fight that favours high dps.

  • Re: Hardest fight?

    What king louis, the monkey that hits 15 minus armor per turn... Pretty tough for any mage or rogue... As a witchfinder, I managed to kill quickly with sear and peircing+ crtical strike and deep wound. But with 2 armor, it was very close!

    There is another tough one in act 2. I've forgotten his name but he cancels your special powers...

    Where do you fight malcontent? Is he a dangerous enconter in act 3?

    I don't know about other classes but the final boss is not very diffcult!

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