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Topic: DQ Quest Maps

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  • DQ Quest Maps

    For those of you who might have missed the link on my facebook and twitter pages, a new gaming site has started publishing maps for The Legion of Shadow.

    Might be of interest to readers keen to pick the best loot-tastic routes through each quest ;)

    Don't forget, you can follow my facebook and twitter pages for the latest DQ news

  • Re: DQ Quest Maps

    Not bad but theres problems with the act 2 maps. They've mixed those up with maps from act 1 lol.

  • Re: DQ Quest Maps

    Yeah, sorry about the mixed maps. My friend who uploaded those will take care of it when he gets home after work. Any suggestions to improve the maps would be welcome

  • Re: DQ Quest Maps

    Hi y'all!

    I've (hopefully) fixed all the bugged maps. Thanks to Epsilon for noticing it
    Feel free to check it out at

  • Re: DQ Quest Maps

    Wow, very useful for adding data to my spreadsheet. FYI, 487 (Orange Act 2 quest) is a loot page, and should be green.

    Great work!

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