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Topic: Pickpocket changes?

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  • Pickpocket changes?

    Aww come on, you can't leave us hanging like that! Can you tell us what the changes are going to be? And is V2 a reference to the legon of shadow book out next year?

  • Re: Pickpocket changes?

    I was playtesting Four Generals and realised that the current 'loot master' ability becomes so ridiculously overpowered it doesn't bear thinking about!

    Both their abilities will be changing, but I promise you that they won't be losing out. In fact, they are gaining quite a cool new ability that could have a lot of hardcore players suddenly rerolling...

    I'll provide a decent update for you all soon, I promise. My hands are a bit 'tied' at the moment.

  • Re: Pickpocket changes?

    Sounds cool! I'm glad I rolled a pickpocket now.

    Will the changes effect my current character in any way? I don't want to have to start over

  • Re: Pickpocket changes?

    Don't worry Myrrhh it won't really be a problem. Existing pickpockets will benefit from the extra gear they have won from the lootmaster ability, but they will likely be swapping out those items over the course of the book/s anyway - so I don't think there is any need to be scrapping characters and rerolling.

    The new lootmaster works differently to the old.

  • Re: Pickpocket changes?

    I'm not sure why lootmaster is an issue, it's just a bit of extra gold here and there.
    Patchwork pauper is much more powerful!

  • Re: Pickpocket changes?

    The original lootmaster let you pick as many items as you wanted. You didn't have any restrictions. I never tried it out but I can see how it might have become overpowered.

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