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Topic: Tank hero

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  • Tank hero

    I got this book as a present last week for the holidays and I have been hooked ever since! I finished my first try with my mage last night. A very addictive book that kept me playing.

    I was studying the glossary of abilities because I like the idea of playing a high armour “tank” warrior for my next hero. I got inspired by some of the heroes on this forum and people talking about how these are good because you take hardly any damage. I’m going to try and plan my hero this time before I start playing so I know the abilities and items I should try and get.

    This is for a hero that will have high speed to win lots of rounds and high armour to brush off hits. Brawn will be less important but enough to make sure I can do enough damage. I’m not sure how many of the skills are available to a warrior so these ideas are based on what I see of other players heroes.

    Speed abilities
    I think these will be important as winning as many rounds as possible is good to keep hitting the opponent. Here I would choose from:

    Cat’s speed

    I think I would have 2 or 3 speed abilities. These being less important if I have a high base speed score.

    Combat abilities
    In two minds here. It would seem to me that armour warriors would do better with the abilities that win back combat rounds when you lose. Yet if I have high speed and low brawn then I wonder if brawn boosters would be better choices?

    Dark pact

    I think the best choice is fallen hero for the instant heal and the brawn. But this comes with an armour set and I doubt if it is worth two of my equipment pieces for one ability. I don’t think any of the armour modifiers would be useful.

    Fallen hero

    I think any hero could make good use of passive damage skills. (My pyromancer did well with barbs, burn, and bleed) With the armour warrior I think second skin would be essential and possibly the healing bonus of kick start and life spark.

    Kick start
    Life spark
    Second skin

    Career choices
    I think warrior career skills are good for any type of hero. My first choice would be inquisitor because of the heal that would cancel damage from enemy passives. With kick start and life spark then I would have almost an extra life or two! Avenging spirit would also do very high damage. Second choice would be a tie between berserker and ranger. The berserker has another heal and the high damage of raining blows that makes up for my low brawn. The ranger has the speed bonuses to help win rounds. Cavalier would seem another choice but shield wall seems redundant if I already have the high armour score. I see shield spin could be very good so I don’t know.

    Does anyone have advice for this and choices of good items to help me get these skills? Thank you! Sorry for the long post!

  • Re: Tank hero

    I tried for that very same build with my last hero. I didn't manage to pull it off but here is what I ended up with.

    Name: Dreddros
    Path: Warrior
    Career: Berserker (raining blows, seeing red)
    Title: Champion of Light (Bright shield)
    Speed: 13
    Brawn: 19
    Magic: 1
    Armour: 11
    Health: 55

    Head: Knuckle head (1 speed, 2 brawn) slam
    Cloak: Pauldrons of might (2 speed 3 brawn) fortitude
    Gloves: Gauntlets of the fallen (3 brawn, 2 armour) finery of the fallen
    Chest: Plate of the fallen (2 speed, 4 armour) finery of the fallen
    Feet: Barbarous boots (1 speed 3 brawn) savagery

    Main hand: Blood crescent (3 speed 5 brawn) cleave
    Left hand: Talanost's wall (2 speed, 5 armour) deflect

    Talisman: Tiger's fury (1 speed) berserker
    Necklace: Betsy’s compass (1 speed) attraction
    Ring: Blood rose (1 brawn, 1 magic) dark pact
    Ring: Hunger (2 brawn) leech

    The problem is finding items that have speed AND armour. Or making sure you have enough speed full stop. Very difficult. The benefit of this build is that I have the seeing red speed boost and the heal from fallen hero. Another option is to take pacemaker from the Blob for the chest piece but you drop a point of speed.

  • Re: Tank hero

    If you're looking for a great tank build this is about as close as you can get:

  • Re: Tank hero

    What is the best helm for a warrior? Is there a good alternative to brain infusers? Not keen on lightning. I like Crown of command but I expect it is difficult to get with all the gems.

  • Re: Tank hero

    Good warrior helms? Hum, not many my friend. I can think of the following

    Crown of command
    Crown of valour (rare loot card)
    Knuckle head
    Brain infusers
    Cranium plate
    Ghoul's collar
    Flame bathed cowl
    Black widow
    of the lot I think brain infusers are your best shot or black widow.

  • Re: Tank hero

    Thanks for the replies. Can I ask - where do you fine the black widow and cranium plate head pieces? I've not come across them in my first play.

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