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Topic: Maps for Download?

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  • Maps for Download?

    Just curious if there are any plans to put the maps up for download; printing them off to have at hand would cut down some of the back-and-forth page flicking.


  • Re: Maps for Download?

    I don't have any plans at the present time to put the colour maps on the site.

    I suppose it could be a possibility, now that the book has been out a while. There is something quite nice though, about opening the book for the first time and seeing the colour maps in all their glory! I wonder if having them on the site along with everything else would diminish the 'wow' factor a little. I'm open to thoughts/ideas on this...

  • Re: Maps for Download?

    Well, there is the poor chap who didn't seem to get them in his copy. It may be handy to be able to download them instead of sending it back if you get a duff copy.

  • Re: Maps for Download?

    That was Cronan. I wonder, did he ever get his book replaced? He never posted again Probably because we all thought it was a late April Fool!

  • Re: Maps for Download?

    There are some maps in my blog at (hope I'm not breaking any forum policy by posting this )

  • Re: Maps for Download?

    Already a thread about it in the spoilers forum :o)

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