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Topic: An evening of PVP

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  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Thank you for sharing that, Perceval. Yes, once you have a couple more heroes to play around with, things should get more interesting. ;) I'm looking to develop the 'pvp' side of things in the future, should DQ prove popular with the masses. Fingers crossed...

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    This discussion is a bit old...but it is about my doubt.
    I found the Abyssal Brimstone ring, ability: Cauterise.
    in the next section i have fought Scorpios (ability: Black venom) i stopped his ability with Cauterise and won at the last second! (i was hit again and finished the combat with only few health points).
    Does Cauterise work with any kind of Venom? just that there is the word "venom" in it?

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Yes, cauterise works on all types of venom, bleed and disease effects - so you certainly put it to good effect!

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Hey, this is really great information.

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