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Topic: An evening of PVP

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  • An evening of PVP

    I see you are asking for reviewers on your Twitter site for Destiny Quest. Perhaps I can be the first to review something = your hero vs. hero rules. A mate of mine came over last evening who also has the book and an end game hero. Normally we’d drink some beers and play consoles but we thought it would be interesting to try out the hero combat rules.

    So dice and paper at the ready we plunged in. I have a inquisitor as you will see from the forums. My mate has an assassin. I was interested to see how his passives would fare up against my cleansing light heal.

    I had a lower speed so I felt I might have the disadvantage. If I wanted to use a speed ability then I had to state it up front. I like that rule because it made it feel like the rogue was always reacting to my moves as a faster opponent would. Time shift came into its own here as I could match him for three combat rounds (wiped grin off his face) and so we could declare at the same time. I did some bluffing so he burnt out some early abilities allowing me to use courage and fearless later on.

    First strike is really annoying. It puts all his passives on you from the start and that was 7 a round -bleed, disease and venom mastery. My cleansing light changed that to a 5. It was still enough to cause me worry when his strikes like piercing hit home for around 30plus damage. Against a faster opponent I was grateful for the ability like retaliation, avenging spirits and overpower to keep up.

    It was interesting how I reassessed all my abilities. Shock is next to useless in duels because the assassin had no armour so I couldn’t use. Time shift that I hardly used before was now a vital part of my strategy. In one combat I was able to use that with impale to reduce his speed.
    So who won? We played six games.

    I won four. Yes I was surprised at that too. Once the rogue had spent his main abilities he had a harder time taking down all my health. For most fights we were even and the luck of one roll for attack speed would change everything. I had some lucky rolls and my armour helped out with absorbing some damage that could have tipped me over.

    My verdict: I/we enjoyed this almost as much as the book. It didn’t feel unbalanced and was challenging. The only problem is after three or more fights you know each others abilities and it can get repetitive but we tried to do different tactics each time purposely to try new things. I think if you had a bank of heroes and more players then a tournament competition would be really exciting.
    I now need to get more friends interested in this book!

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    That is a good review. It sounds you had a fun evening. I'm still battling through Act 2 with my mage but already having some ideas about how I can make her an endgame powerhouse

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Nice write up. My money would have been on the rogue though

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Am I right that the only counters to passives are cauterise, kickstart and tourniquet? What items have the cauterise ability?

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    <abyssal brimstone> in Act 2 unicorns horn. its the only one i'm pretty sure

  • Re: An evening of PVP

    Entry 397. A ring with +1 magic. That ring and tourniquet could be a nice combo for a medic. Shame they only remove the effect but as soon as you are hit you take damage again. Could be better, but enough to frustrate a lot of rogues ;o)

    I have some friends with the book so this has inspired me to try and arrange a pvp night. Cheers Perce!

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