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Topic: Dungeon Master

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  • Re: Dungeon Master

    Is it naff to say that mario kart is my favourite game? lol

    it is the one I played the most but i do like rpgs too. I have played dragon age: origins and love it. i'm on my second play through. not played much online yet but i did try runescape for a while

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    Mario Kart is a great game, although it can be infuriating at times. I hate it when the computer 'cheats' (or it feels like it does). I have a graveyard of broken games controllers thanks to that game.

    I think I must have played just about every version of Mario Kart (apart from the DS version). Not sure which is my favourite... Probably the original N64 version or the Game Cube (Double Dash) version. Anyway, you can't go wrong with mario.

    Dragon Age: Origins. Superb game. Fantastic storytelling - let down slightly by some dodgy game balancing. (Mages are far too overpowered.) I didn't play the expansion but I understand that it is very good.

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    Pong for me. :oD I had an amstrad 464 [don't laugh] so manic miner and various other classics [but in full colour!] were my childhood memories. HOURS spent getting no where the only game i ever finished was called Sorcery. I think I was on a high for about a month after that and of course then proceeded to complete it again and again... Other great addictions have been Marathon [a mac game created by Bungie who now make Halo] Worms [everything but when they went 3D], Half Life 2 and COD 1,2 [not 3 on the wii, yikes] 4... I think I'm probably the only person to love the single player game. I find it sooooo submersive, it takes the game to another level.

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