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Topic: Dungeon Master

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  • Dungeon Master

    I like your website and the ‘About’ section comments on “Dungeon Master”. I actually downloaded an emulator version a couple of years back and played all the way through it again (with Hissssa, Alex Ander, Nabi the Prophet, and Gothmog of course!). I had a quick go on “The Bards Tale” too, but that was a step too far back into RPG nostalgia.

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    Ah, nostalgia. I can't tell you how much I loved that game - must have completed it about a dozen times. Can't remember what my best line up was. Think it may have been Halk, Alex Ander, Gothmog and Elija (or Gando?)... my memory is pretty hazy now.

    I'll tell you something, despite all the advances in 3D technology, games design and storytelling, nothing gave me the frights as much as that game. When you get hit by those fireballs you really feel it! And yes, I'll admit to screaming like a girl the first time one of those rock creatures attacked me.

    Ah halcyon days. Bards Tale I also liked but not as much. Can't really stand games where you have to fight 23 dragons, 14 barbarians and 99 mad sorcerers in one combat. It's kind of hard to imagine that...

    Love the avatar Think Gothmog was one of my favourite characters too. Anything in hood, I'm there!

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    This might help jog your memory:

    I wasted many many hours on DM, real shame the sequel was so bad.
    The eye of the beholder spin off was good fun i remember, but didn't come close to the master!

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    Wasted? Wasted! An hour on Dungeon Master is never wasted ;-)

    Thanks for the link. I might have to get that emulator now, really want to play it again. I had forgotten about EOTB. That was the AD&D version wasn't it? Did they ever make a sequel to that?

    I remember all the D&D turn-based games like Pool of Radiance and Savage Frontier. I even bought a Commodore 64 so that I could play all the Dragonlance ones. Sad, I know. They came on those 5.25" floppy discs. Bless. Those were the days.

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    There were three Eye of the Beholder Games:

    EotB 1
    EotB 2 - "The Legend of Darkmoon"
    EotB 3 - "Assault on Myth Drannor"

    Eye of the Beholder Series on Wikipedia

    The second game was the best, the third was pants. Dungeon Master was better than both though!

  • Re: Dungeon Master

    You guys are showing your age! lol First real memorable game for me was Doom. That got me into gaming. and Quake, Heretic and all those first person shooters. My brother was really into those D&D games. And civilisation. He could play that game for days on end.

    I didn't get into the rpg thing until I discovered Diablo and Baldurs Gate. Then Warcraft. Rest is history ;--P

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