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Topic: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

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  • Re: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

    ---Take pickpocket or alchemist and you'll be richer but they aren't great end game careers---

    I was thinking about this last night. I am playing a rogue in Act 2 of the story (warrior happily retired at end of Act 3) and have got the pickpocket career. It doesn't seem that great as there are no damage ablilities, but loot master....... ? Couldn't that be awesome in Act 3 if you gett to pick from any rewards for your class? I also thinking how much gold you could end up with. That could buy most of waldo's equipment. I might give this a try

  • Re: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

    alchemist also gets an extra talisman ability that other mages don't have

  • Re: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

    Eh? How do alechemists get extra talisman?

  • Re: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

    Other mages career abilities come from their talisman.

    pyro = core of flame
    icelock = heart of winter
    necro = bone fetish
    medic = lady of the lamp (not sure if name right???)

    Alchemist can equip different talismans with abilities without losing their special career abilities. This means they get one more ability than other mages do

  • Re: Mature Mode: Perma-Death and More

    Cool ideas.

    Here are the rules I use...

    Retreat: Your hero may flee before combat starts, if it looks like he may lose. Make a note of the entry, and return to the map. (This covers the moments where you realize that you're in over your head.)

    Knocked-out: If your hero loses a combat, all his consumable items are destroyed. Make a note of the entry, and return to the map. (This adds consequence to failure, but not so much that your hero is gimped. -It also shows that your hero gave it his all by using every consumable.)

    Legendary monsters exception: The hero may retreat from a legendary monster. But if your hero enters combat and is defeated, he is knocked-out and may not attempt to defeat the same legendary monster again. (This makes legendary monsters a high-stakes affair where winning grants your hero an exciting reward.)

    Other exceptions: If the entry specifies that quest is over when the hero is defeated, then the hero cannot retreat. (Some quests are over if a combat is lost. Retreat undermines the spirit of the rules in this case.)

    These rules have increased the tension for me, and added an element of strategy where I need to evaluate my opponent before committing to combat.

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