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Topic: collector's edition

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  • collector's edition

    Are you going to be selling any more collector editions and what do/did you get with it?

  • Re: collector's edition

    Hey Naxx, welcome to the DQ forum. Yes, the collectors set has sold out (it contained signed copy of the book, postcard, loot card and dice). I have copies of the book left over, so I will be putting more up on eBay. These won't have the dice, sadly, but they will come with a loot card (and they will be signed). I hope that helps.

    Check out the buy page for more info on buying options. The ebook/Kindle version should be available next week.

  • Re: collector's edition


    I found details of your (first) gamebook on the rear of SFX this month (I hope that means the advertising expense has paid off), and I am going to purchase DQ1 as it sounds like good fun...

    However, I can't decide which version to go for. Regular, normal version; collectors edition; or Kindle edition.

    If I went for the regular version, I would have it for Monday (nice). If I went for Kindle, it sounds like a week or so yet, but to help me decide, I wonder if you could let me know when you might be planning on putting some more collectors editions on Ebay. Thanks.

    Oh, I take it that there is no actual difference in gameplay between any of the editions?

    Looking forward to giving DQ1 a go.


  • Re: collector's edition

    the loot cards are really nice. If that helps :o

  • Re: collector's edition

    I'll put them up at the weekend

  • Re: collector's edition

    Excellent, thanks for letting me know. I think I'll treat myself and get one. I always like the extra goodies you get in collectors editions....Shame there are no dice though


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